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Insurance companies commit to themselves to minimize necessary repair costs and their payout to policyholders by taking advantage of the policyholder’s lack of experience. We can help protect you and uphold the insurance company’s obligation to make proper payments.

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Residential and commercial property loss for water, fire, earthquake, flood and theft. To this day, Excel Adjusters has currently handled over 2,000 damaged property claims.

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With over 20 years of handling property claims and background experience as a contractor, Excel Adjusters Inc strives on helping our clients receive the proper amount on their damaged properties, as well as guiding the insured throughout the whole entire process.





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WHAT IS A California PUBLIc insurance ADJUSTER?

A California public adjuster is someone who works on your behalf to settle an insurance claim. This individual operates in an independent capacity to help the policyholder by thoroughly evaluating the claim through analysis of the damage involved and calculates a payout based on the available evidence in the case. Since the public adjuster is working directly for the policyholder, he or she will typically propose a higher reward as payout but this can also be a result of the public adjuster’s comprehensive involvement in auditing the claim. The public adjuster’s investigation is often a more in-depth analysis than the one conducted by the insurance company’s adjuster.

The insurance company adjuster performs a similar task but this individual is working for the insurer and while the insurance adjuster has been assigned to ensure you receive a fair settlement on your claim, that individual has the insurance company’s best interests at heart – not yours. That means your payout can be significantly lower after his or her evaluation is completed.

When hiring a public adjuster, you want to be entirely sure that you are choosing the right one. For starters, all public adjusters must be licensed in the state where the loss was sustained. Without that license, move on to the next candidate. You can also find public records on public adjusters at the state insurance department. Check with the Better Business Bureau to do further diligence on any candidate you consider hiring. References and qualifications should also be important factors in your decision. Public adjusters of southern California must abide by the State requirements for licensing and bonding.

What does a public adjuster do for you?

Once a policyholder files a claim, the insurer will assign one of their adjusters to evaluate the claim and calculate an appropriate payout based on the available evidence in the case. That’s when hiring a public adjuster is a good idea. That individual will assess the same evidence and evaluate the loss by their own set of criteria based on the damage and other corresponding factors. The public adjuster handles every phase of the claim including the financial negotiation that takes place between the insurance company and the policyholder. This way you don’t have to deal with the awkward and time-consuming claims process, the adjuster deals with all of it for you.

Should you use a public adjuster?

If you are filing a potentially large claim, then you should hire a California public insurance adjuster. Consider the work of this individual a means for ensuring that all the evidence is considered and nothing is missed with respect to damage associated with the claim. The public adjuster is tasked with taking all aspects of the policyholder’s loss into consideration when calculating the payout and this could be substantially larger than what the insurance company’s adjuster will recommend for compensation. A policyholder may want to hire a California public adjuster because they don’t want the hassle of fighting with their insurer over the amount of the payout.

How much does a public adjuster cost?

A public adjuster enters into an agreement with a policyholder with the understanding that he or she will be paid a fee based on the size and complexity of the claim being investigated. Check with your state insurance department to find out if there is a maximum in place for a public adjuster’s fee.

Will your adjuster be handling your claim personally?

Yes. Hiring a California public insurance adjuster means you are bringing on an individual who works on your behalf to help you process your claim with the insurance company. The public adjuster surveys the damage, calculates the estimated payout based on their findings and works with your insurer to expedite the payment. Your public adjuster will be your representative during the negotiation process if necessary, you will never have to contact the insurance company yourself. Your adjuster will be your personal liaison on the case throughout the duration of the claim.

While there is no guarantee of receiving a higher payout when you hire a California public adjuster, it certainly increases your chances. In many instances, the insurance company and the public adjuster do not see eye to eye on the fair value of a claim, but with a public adjuster on your side you can expect a thorough and detailed analysis of all the evidence in your case. An insurance company will take the public adjuster’s report under advisement and having that individual on your side for the duration of the claims process allows you to present all the facts in the case. The adjuster’s involvement is also very helpful if it does come down to a negotiation for a final decision on a payout amount because the right adjuster has years of experience in dealing with insurers. You do not.

What is the difference between a public adjuster and an insurance adjuster?

After filing a claim, your insurance company will assign an adjuster to your case. That individual will review the evidence and come to a decision on a payout for the claim. But since the insurance adjuster works for your insurer, he or she will be determining that payout in a manner that is often more beneficial for the insurer instead of you, the policyholder.

On the other hand, a public adjuster is working for you to get the best possible payout. Your public adjuster performs the same work but does it on your behalf instead of the insurer’s. The important thing to keep in mind is that while your public adjuster can fight for you to get the highest payout possible on your claim, he or she will not be able to get you more benefits than what you are entitled to as per the limits of your insurance policy. The public adjuster can only work within those parameters to get you the payout you deserve.

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