Followings are compensations you can receive through house fire insurance that many people aren’t aware of. Claim Background You have fire insurance with $500 deductible. A neighbor’s son comes to

An Exception Clause in Fire Home Owner’s Insurance Compensation (1) Here are some rights to know regarding insurance claims that will lead to compensation in the future. Most people don’t

At a fine restaurant run by a Korean owner, a problem occurred due to water leakage. It was discovered that the cause of the problem was a burst water pipe

This is a true story from an insurance claim. I can’t release the name of the company, but it was a profitable mid-size company making canned fruit juice. Like typical

The claimant was a professionally operated dry cleaner located in an intersection of a large and small street. The building had large glass walls. Couple of weeks ago, a young

There have been many flooding cases due to broken pipes in the water purifier in recent years. In many cases, homeowners and water purifier manufacturers have differences in opinions, causing

1) Issuing business license to the insurance company Department of Insurance verifies all insurance contracts before granting approval to the insurance company to operate its business. The Department also protect

When shopping for a residential, business or commercial insurance, the most important thing is to find out if the company is enrolled in the guarantee insurance plan of the Department

Few months ago, I wrote a column about a Korean business owner’s unfortunate situation. I decided to fight the insurance company on behalf of the business owner pro-bono and promised

Let’s use the fire claim case that I am currently working on to remind both the insurer and the agent that there are cases where an insurer may not receive