Recently, an insurance claim was filed for damage to the inner wall, wooden floor, and even a part of the carpet in a residential house due to a plumbing pipe

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In this column, I will analyze how fire can cause an extensive indirect damage to a business. It is a known fact that a fire will cause serious and direct

I guestimate that businesses operated by Koreans are second largest next to Jewish owned businesses. I attribute this trend with the traits of a successful ethnic group. Koreans are diligent,

Let’s compare the corporation-oriented Korean insurance claim to American insurance. A fire broke out in a building with 400,000,000 Korean Won (approx. $400,000)insurance coverage. Police suspected arson and investigated the

I got a call from a homeowner recently explaining about the damage he suffered because of a broken water pipe in the water purifier. The damage caused him to remove

Many problems have arisen between building owners and their tenants due to their lack of understanding of the relationship between insurance claims and business loss.  From the building owners’ standpoint,

A Korean business owner, planning to relocate to a closer location, found a new location for his factory. In this situation, if there was any claim involving property loss during

I would like to share with you what I have been experiencing while processing a particular insurance claim.  It is regarding water damage to 80% of the total area of

Claim Background A homeowner woke up early in the morning to find that the water pipe inside the walls of the second floor exploded and leaked all night. The water