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Excel is an independent licensed public adjusting company. We represent you, the policy holder, for damage losses to your property caused by water, fire, earthquake, flood and theft.

We are a strong advocate for the insured by navigating and expediting the arduous and complex maze of the claims process. We realize that every insured’s claim is unique and we prepare and tailor each claim to address the insured’s specific situation.

Excel is proud of our reputation for the swift and satisfactory recovery of settlements for damaged properties incurred by our clients. We use our expertise in protecting the insured from insufficient settlements from their insurance companies in the effort to restore your damaged property.

To help you decide if you should move forward with your claim on your own or with us at Excel, we offer a free consultation to help you make a peace of mind decision towards the recovery of your loss. We are a professional firm with the integrity and the passion to handle your claim to your complete satisfaction.

My husband and I are attorneys with 38 years of combined experience and we would not have recovered what we ultimately recovered from Farmers without the expertise, experience and talent of Excel, Mr. Jung Park and Ernesto. We suffered significant water damage to our home after the water supply line to a toilet burst. The entire first floor of our 3000+ sq. foot house was ankle deep in water. I initially had a very thorough conversation with Ernesto and within about 3 hours of that call, Mr. Park traveled from L.A. to the O.C. to do an inspection. The very next day, an estimator came to my home to do a full inspection, take measurements, pictures and to prepare the cost of repair estimate. I wish I would have known to call Excel even before contacting Farmers for the first time because I wish I did not use Farmers’ water damage cleanup service (a company who has a pre-existing relationship with them). When I discovered the leak, I immediately called Farmers and they sent their remediation company to start the drying process. I did not know that I could have used my own company and Excel works with the best remediation companies. Excel was able to get Farmers to reverse its decision on various items they initially refused to pay for and demanded payment for every potential recoverable item under the policy. Excel is extremely efficient and professional and as a result, has good relationships with insurance companies to begin with. Their style is such that they will get the maximum recovery for you without overreaching so they have a lot of credibility with insurance companies. Although Excel is always very busy working on other claims, they ALWAYS promptly returned my calls, emails and texts. We could not be happier and would not hesitate to refer them to our friends and colleagues who have suffered any sort of water, fire or property damage loss to their home or business.

-Sue P. Lawyer

我和我先生共同拥有38年经验的律师。我们如果没有Excel Adjuster 团队的帮助,绝对不可能从Farmers保险公司拿到非常合理的赔偿。凭着Jung Park 先生和 Ernesto先生 两位精英人士专业和经验的帮助。这一次家遭遇到的损害由外水管到马桶喷水事件。我们家一楼3000多尺这地方群艳了到脚踝高的谁一开始和Ernesto先生做了一个非常详细的访谈。访谈后的3小时Park先生远渡从洛杉矶到橙县做出了检查,第二天评价人员来到我家做了一个全面的检查。量尺寸拍照,准备一切维修的估计。如果早知道联络Excel而不是直接先去联络Farmers保险公司我就不会用保险公司的水害清理服务。(也就是和保险公司有联系的清洁公司)。当我发现有漏水的现象我立刻联络了Farmers保险公司,他们也派出了中介公司开始除湿的程序。我那时候并不知道可以选择我觉得适合的中介公司去处理。Excel就有和卓越的中介公司合作。有很多被Farmers保险公司拒绝赔偿的物件被Excel反驳争取到在保险单受保物件里最理想的赔偿。Excel非常的有效率和专业,他们也和各家保险公司维持着非常好的关系。这个公司的宗旨是在实际和合理的情况下为你取到最多的赔偿。所以他们在保险界是很有信誉的一家公司。虽然Excel公司是非常忙碌和负责很多的赔偿案件,他们永远都是很快束的回我电话,电邮以及短讯。我们很高兴找到这么好的一家公司也毫不犹豫地会介绍给有任何有受到水害,火灾或办公室意外而有需要的朋友和同事们。

-Sue P. 律师

We were victims of the recent wildfires in Los Angeles late last year. We have never needed to make an insurance claim in the past, but knew the insurance company would not be working on our behalf. We asked Mr. Park for help and he knew exactly what to ask the insurance company to pay for. The whole process took some time, but we are more than happy with the settlement. Hopefully, we will not have to make another insurance claim in the future, but if we ever do, we will definitely look to Excel for assistance. Highly recommend!

-Dyane G.


-Dayne G.

We ended up learning about Excel Adjuster about a week after the fire and they were able to help us clean up the mess. They were able to haggle the cost of doing nothing from Servpro down a couple thousand. It would’ve been a downright disaster if we didn’t have Excel Adjuster as Servpro was trying to squeeze every last cent out of our insurance money. Excel Adjuster helped us go through the hassle of dealing with the insurance companies in getting the claims taken care of so we can get the money for repairs and lost business during the downtime. Service was great and was well worth the cost.

-Tae L.

我接触到Excel Adjusters公司是我们家大火的一个星期后。他们不但只帮我们处理清洁的问题同时他们也减低了Servpro好几千的费用。要不然的话我们可真的是祸不单行地被Servpro压挤更多的费用。Excel Adjusters也在我们失去营业机会和维修的时间内得到赔偿金。给我们除去了一个大麻烦。这公司的服务非常好让我们觉得付出的费用很值得。

-Tae L.

Water damage to our home. Insurance company was trying to short us. Did research on public adjusters and either they wanted too much commission, wasn’t trust worthy, or didn’t have enough reviews or referrals. We found excel adjusters through our floor guy and couple of trust worthy contractors. They have a reputation of getting every penny you deserve. Our case is close to being finalized. Armando and Mr. park was able to get us close to $30k more than what the insurance company initially was going to pay us. Without them we would have had to pay out of pocket. We had a great experience with excel adjusters. They’re very professional and quickly response to emails or phone calls. Easy to work with and most importantly… will fight for what’s deserved.

-Patuna P.

家里出现水害情况,保险公司立刻想给我出招!找了好几天间公共理算员公司看看情况,要不就是抽佣金太高,或者不可信赖。有些就是没有很好的评价或好的介绍。最后还是从做地板行家和几个可信的建筑人员介绍了Excel Adjusters 公司。这公司是颇有为受保人争取每一分每一毫的声誉。他们接我这案子是快到尾声了。Armando先生和Park先生竟然给我争取到比保险公司要陪的金额多了$30,000!如果没有他们帮助的话我们只好自掏腰包赔上这笔钱。我们对Excel Adjusters 真的非常的满意,他们的专业和回复无论是电邮电话都非常快速。最重要的是他们为我争取应得的一切赔偿。

-Patina P.

Prompt!! Professional!! My experience has been PHENOMENAL!!! Excel Adjuster, John Park came out and went through the details. Clearly understood and the process was easy. Damage to my house was a detrimental experience. But Excel adjusters took care of everything like one of their family~

-Max L. Real Estate Agent

Excel Adjusters 的 John Park 先生亲自来到解析一切的细节,清清楚楚讲解,整个过程让我轻松的面对这一切。我家受到的灾害是一个非常不愉快的经验,但是Excel Adjusters公司认我有像家人在帮助我处理所有的事情感觉。

-Max L. 地产经纪

Good job to the Excel Adjusters team. Thank you for always being so prompt in responding and taking care of our home repair quickly and efficiently. You made our water damage situation much less stressful thanks to your help.

-Christian P.

Excel Adjusters 团队做得好,谢谢你们永远快速的回复信息和快速有效地照顾我们家维修过程。你让我们这次受水害的情况压力减低的很多,谢谢你的帮助。

-Christian P.

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