Understanding the Commercial Insurance Claims Process

Handling commercial claims can be intricate, as insurance companies aim to pay out as little as possible. When you file a claim, the insurer's first move is to send their adjuster to evaluate the damage. Unlike an independent adjuster, this adjuster won't prioritize your best interests.

In general, the insurance company will adhere to the following steps:

  • Adjudication: To start, you need to submit proof of loss documentation to your insurance company. The insurance company will deploy their adjusters to assess your property and collect evidence. Having an independent adjuster at this stage is crucial to defend your interests.
  • Submission: Once the evidence has been collected, the next step is to file your insurance claims. The submission process can take a while, and hiring a public adjuster can improve your results. If you don't receive a response within 30 days, you may need to provide additional proof-of-loss documentation to your insurance company.
  • Payment: When your claim results in a settlement, you can anticipate receiving your payment within a few days to a few weeks. Smaller claims are processed more quickly, while those that have been altered during the process can take up to 6 weeks.

To maximize the benefits of this process, consider hiring a public adjuster in Beverly Hills. That’s where Excel Adjusters steps in. We provide:

The Insurance Adjuster
  • Advocacy Against The Insurance Adjuster
  • To avoid your insurance company biasing the claims process, we provide public insurance adjusters and expert advice. Unlike the insurance company’s adjuster, a public adjuster will level the playing field. During your property evaluation, you’ll have an experienced advocate working for you.

  • Insurance Industry Expertise
  • Our licensed insurance experts possess deep knowledge of the insurance industry and have the skills to interpret policies, accurately assess damages, and negotiate strategically with insurance carriers.

  • Expert Guidance Through the Claims Process
  • The process of handling insurance claims can be quite overwhelming, especially when you're required to compile evidence and convey it convincingly to your insurer. Our skilled public adjusters provide thorough guidance and expert advice, ensuring you remain confident and informed throughout the entire claims process, from filing to final settlement.

  • Efficient Communication with Insurance Companies
  • Our deep expertise in commercial insurance policies enables us to communicate seamlessly and efficiently with your insurance company. We interact with them and their claims adjusters in a language they understand, ensuring that your interests are effectively represented throughout the process. This results in a fair and equitable settlement, providing you with all the resources needed to restore your property.

Efficient Communication
Advocacy Against The Insurance Adjuster

Why Us - Our Services

Providing Loss Assessments Experts as Needed

Our extensive connections with public adjusters and other experts in Beverly Hills can significantly bolster your insurance claim. It is crucial to involve independent specialists, as the evidence they collect and their analyses will represent your interests over those of the insurance company.

Documenting Property Damage

After evaluating the damages, we meticulously document all evidence to strengthen your insurance claim. This includes hidden damages, as we employ the right experts to uncover issues that you or your insurance company might overlook.

Claims Strategy Development

When you engage a public adjuster, we invest time in carefully examining your individual insurance policies. Our objective is to develop the best claims strategy, tailored to maximize your insurance claims according to your policy and property specifics.

Why Us - Our Services
Providing Full Proof of Loss

Providing Full Proof of Loss

Our comprehensive documentation of the evidence, combined with our in-depth policy knowledge, enables us to provide complete proof of loss to your insurance company.

Managing Complex Communications

We take over all communications between you and the insurance company until the case is fully settled, ensuring your experience is as stress-free as possible. Additionally, we guide you through the entire fire insurance claim process, providing regular updates on our progress.

Negotiation for The Maximum Settlement

Our negotiation skills with insurance companies are unmatched, ensuring fair and just settlements for our clients. When you file insurance claims, we leverage our expertise to secure the highest possible payouts.

What Our Commercial Claims Services In Beverly Hills Cover

Commercial Claims Services Cover
  • Wind & Hail Damage Claims:
  • Often linked with severe weather conditions like thunderstorms, wind and hail damage is a widespread concern for commercial properties. We will send a public insurance adjuster to assess the damage to your roof and other areas of your property.

  • Fire Damage Claims:
  • Fire damage can be challenging to claim due to the potential for hidden issues caused by smoke, damaged pipes, and other factors. Fortunately, we will arrange for a professional hygienist to thoroughly evaluate your property before the claim process starts.

  • Water Damage Claims:
  • Though water damage can lead to significant expenses and devastation, we work diligently to identify the problem's source and gather all the required evidence to support your insurance claim.

  • Vandalism Claims:
  • Vandalism can cause significant headaches for businesses, particularly in restrooms and on the building's exterior. Rely on us to develop a property insurance claim that ensures you receive the necessary funds to clean and replace vandalized property.

  • Theft & Burglary Claims:
  • Although you take security measures to protect your business, theft and burglary can still happen. In these situations, we meticulously document everything that was stolen to guarantee you receive the payout needed to replace stolen goods and property.

  • Personalized Claims:
  • We recognize that every insurance claim is unique. Our public adjusters offer personalized attention, customizing their approach to the particular type of property damage you’ve encountered.

Providing Full Proof of Loss

Commercial Insurance Claims FAQ

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What is a commercial insurance claim?

Commercial insurance claims are requests by businesses to their insurers for financial compensation. This compensation covers losses or damages to property, assets, or operations, including incidents such as storm damage and vandalism, as outlined in their commercial insurance policy.

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What types of damages are typically covered by commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance generally includes coverage for damages from storms, natural disasters, business interruptions, theft, liability, and worker injuries. However, the extent of coverage can differ depending on your region and policy type, so it is essential to review your policy details before beginning the claims process.

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What is the difference between a public insurance adjuster and an insurance company adjuster?

The primary distinction between a fire claims public adjuster and an insurance adjuster lies in whose interests they prioritize. Insurance companies typically appoint independent adjusters to manage your claim, often skewing the outcome to benefit the insurer. In contrast, a public adjuster is hired directly by you to ensure that your interests are fully represented and protected.

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How can I prevent disputes with my insurance company?

The best strategy to avoid disputes is to hire a public insurance adjuster in Beverly Hills. They will gather and document evidence, understand your policy, and keep communication open, all of which contribute to preventing disputes.

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How much does hiring a public adjuster in Beverly Hills cost?

Public adjusters usually take a percentage of the settlement as their fee, which motivates them to secure the best possible outcome for you.

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