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Insurance companies commit to themselves to minimize necessary repair costs and their payout to policyholders by taking advantage of the policyholder’s lack of experience. We can help protect you and uphold the insurance company’s obligation to make proper payments.

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Residential and commercial property loss for water, fire, earthquake, flood and theft. To this day, Excel Adjusters has currently handled over 2,000 damaged property claims.

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With over 20 years of handling property claims and background experience as a contractor, Excel Adjusters Inc strives on helping our clients receive the proper amount on their damaged properties, as well as guiding the insured throughout the whole entire process. 





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for Property Damage Claims

What is a Pasadena public insurance adjuster?

A Pasadena public adjuster is an independent analyst who is called in to help consumers settle an insurance claim. When a policyholder submits a claim to his or her insurance company, the provider has an adjuster on their side and so should you. An independent Pasadena insurance adjuster will assess the loss incurred by the policyholder and calculate an appropriate payout based on the incident and the resulting damage. A Pasadena public adjuster often recommends a higher payout on the claim than an adjuster appointed by the insurance company.

Why is that? Because the insurance company’s adjuster has their best interests in mind and that person is going to attempt to limit their cost on your settlement. A Pasadena public insurance claims adjuster works independently of your insurance company, he or she audits your claim with the best possible payout applicable to the extent of your loss or damage.

Both types of adjusters do similar work on the same claim. But your Pasadena public adjuster may take a different approach to the auditing process, his or her investigation can sometimes be more thorough and in-depth than the adjuster assigned by your insurance company. Their adjuster may not be as invested in getting all the facts and exploring every aspect of the incident to fully understand the bigger picture. An independent Pasadena public adjuster performs that additional level of inquiry to get all of the information and data necessary for a fair and appropriate settlement amount.

How does a Pasadena public adjuster work for you?

Pasadena Public insurance adjusters have multiple responsibilities. First, your Pasadena public adjuster will fully evaluate all of the facts and evidence related to your claim. The level of criteria is often higher with a Pasadena public adjuster than with an insurance company appointed adjuster. Once all of the evidence has been gathered and scrutinized, your insurance Pasadena public adjuster will prepare and present his or her findings with a recommended payout.

In many cases, the Pasadena public adjuster’s findings and the insurance company’s adjuster’s findings don’t meet eye-to-eye. When there is a discrepancy between the two sets of findings, a negotiation is typically the next step and your Pasadena public adjuster works directly with your insurer to expedite that process. There is no participation necessary on your part. The Pasadena public adjuster does all the work for you.

Should you hire a Pasadena public adjuster?

Policyholders who may have a particularly sizable claim to file may want to hire a Pasadena public adjuster. Two adjusters working on the same case can have very different outcomes. That is not uncommon but, unfortunately, policyholders who file a claim on their own without the assistance of a public independent adjuster tend to receive a lesser payout. However, working with an independent adjuster on your side can help you get the maximum settlement that you deserve. A policyholder may want to hire a Pasadena public adjuster to avoid the hassle of fighting with the insurance company themselves.

Working with a Pasadena public adjuster does not guarantee a better settlement but it definitely helps in presenting a detailed evaluation of the case by an individual who is trained in determining property insurance damage.

How much does it cost to hire a Pasadena public adjuster?

The cost of hiring a Pasadena public adjuster can vary. When you hire an independent adjuster to work on your behalf, that person is compensated in accordance with the size and complexity of the case under investigation. Before you enter into any agreement with a Pasadena public adjuster, be sure every aspect of the compensation is fully understood by both parties. Some state insurance departments set a maximum on the amount a Pasadena public adjuster can charge for their services.

Will your adjuster be handling the claim personally?

Every Pasadena public adjuster who has been fully trained and licensed understands how to work with insurance companies on settling a claim. The adjuster you hire is tasked with handling every aspect of the claims process from investigation to negotiation. He or she will act as a liaison between you and the insurance company as your authorized representative. If a negotiation is required in getting you the payout you deserve, the adjuster will negotiate on your behalf.

What is the difference between a Pasadena public adjuster and an Pasadena insurance adjuster?

An insurer will assign their adjuster to analyze and validate the facts in your claim. Based on those facts, that adjuster will determine the payout he or she believes you deserve. But remember, that person is working on behalf of his or her employer, the insurer. Your Pasadena public adjuster is working on your behalf. Each adjuster has one goal – settle the claim to their employer’s satisfaction. For the insurance company that means paying out as little as possible. But you want the maximum amount you deserve and a Pasadena public adjuster can be instrumental in making sure you receive it.

One thing a Pasadena public adjuster is unable to do is get you more of a payout on benefits that you are not entitled to receive. Every Pasadena public adjuster will review your insurance policy to ascertain the limits of your coverage in order to calculate an appropriate payout as per the language in the policy. A reputable Pasadena public adjuster can not and will not attempt to secure a higher settlement beyond those limits.


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