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Properties that remain standing after a fire can have both visible and unseen damage. This can include damage from smoke, soot, ash, and potentially even water damage.

At Excel Adjusters, we are experts in handling fire claims and helping you get the maximum amount for your damages. Our team has extensive knowledge in fire claims and can defend your claim to get you the settlement you deserve.

Property Damage Caused By Fires

Damage caused by fires can be extensive. It can include:

  • Full or partial burn to your home or property
  • Smoke damage (including from strong winds causing smoke infiltration of properties that are hundreds of miles away from large fires)
  • Water damage
  • Wind damage
  • Interruption to business

Fire damage to your business can be devastating. That’s why it is crucial to handle your claims process correctly and efficiently so that you can obtain the highest payout owed and get your business fully functioning again.

Understanding Your Commercial Insurance Policy

Many property owners are not familiar with what their insurance policy covers when it comes to fire claims. The first thing to do is review your policy. This will help you understand what you are owed from the claims process. A public adjuster will also review your policy and explain to you what type of coverage your business might have under your current policy.


Hiring a Hygienist To Assist With Your Fire Claim

Before you initiate a claim with your insurance provider, it’s important to bring in a Certified Industrial Hygienist to test your property for ash, soot, levels of smoke, and any other contaminants that might exist within the building. These contaminant samplings will be taken from the interior surfaces of the property, from window and floor coverings, furniture, other soft materials that might have been permeated, and air sampling to detect any toxins. The samples will be tested and a report will be filed that details any and all damages from the fire.

However, do not use a hygienist recommended by your insurance provider, as they are often acting in the best interests of the insurance company (rather than your business).

How Excel Adjusters Can Help With Your Fire Damage Claim

At Excel Adjusters, our goal is to ensure your rights are upheld during the fire damage process and maximize your payout. If you experience fire damage, we will accompany the field insurance adjuster during the field scoping process and help you negotiate a fair payout.

We are not provided by the insurance company, making us fully independent and able to prioritize your needs as the policyholder.

We’ll help to:

  • Notify Your Insurance Provider

    Fire damage claims can be overwhelming and confusing to process, especially when you are still trying to run your business. An experienced public adjuster will have in-depth knowledge of commercial insurance policies and fire damage claims and can immediately notify your insurance provider to accurately and thoroughly report your claim.

  • Maximize Your Payouts

    Most people do not realize that contractors are actually not licensed by the Department of Insurance and therefore are not legally allowed to represent you on your fire damage public claim. But as your public adjuster, we are licensed by the state and can provide legal representation for you throughout the claims process, enabling you to focus on your business.

    We do everything in our power to get you the money you need.

  • Guide You Through the Fire Damage Claim Process

    We are there to support you during the entire claims process - this includes advising you and negotiating payouts with your insurance company. We also handle any necessary paperwork. We only charge a small percentage based on what we settle for with your insurance. There are no upfront costs to you, making it affordable to get the help you need.

Assist with Every Stage of Your Fire Damage or Smoke Claim

Whether you’re at the beginning of filing a fire or smoke claim, or several weeks into the process, we can help.

  • If your insurance company is refusing to cover Loss of Business expenses, we can work with your insurance company in an attempt to get you reimbursed for any costs you incurred due to business interruption. You could potentially be reimbursed for lost sales and revenues, temporary relocation costs, and utility service costs, among other expenses.
  • Even after repairs are made to your business, we are still able to assist you. Some business owners are unhappy with repairs done after fire damage, as the insurance companies will sometimes try to cut corners. You are owed the “like-for-like” standard in each and every repair done, meaning if this standard is covered in your policy, you are entitled to receive a payout from your insurance company that covers the entire cost to replace items of the same quality as what you previously owned.

What If My Fire Damage Claim Was Denied By Insurance?

If your fire damage insurance claim has been denied, we can speak with your insurance company and provide evidence and reasoning as to why your fire damage claim should be covered by your carrier.

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