Benefits of Working With a Public Adjuster For A Complex Damage Claim

Working with a public adjuster offers many benefits, including:

  • Potentially maximize your insurance claims payouts
  • Receive help with the entire claims process
  • Have someone advocating for you for a fair and just settlement
  • Experience an expedited claims process so that you can move on with your life
  • Receive a thorough assessment of damages
  • Trust that you have received the benefits you were entitled to receiving
  • Experience less stress during the claims process

Case Study #1: Damage From Water Heater

A client in Claremont, CA was offered $37,000 from insurance after her water heater broke and caused water damage throughout her property.

Excel Adjusters represented the client, advocating on her behalf, resulting in an additional $82,291.31. Insurance also agreed to pay for continuous flooring and kitchen replacement after initially refusing to pay.

Case Study #2: Water Loss

A client experienced property loss due to water damage in Moreno Valley. Their insurance initially offered them $6,905.72. The client then decided to contact Excel Adjusters and was offered a $39,891.38 settlement. Once we got involved, we also noticed that additional work was needed to restore the client’s property damage back to pre-loss condition.

Case Study #3: Insurance Not Replying To Client

A Chino Hills client had filed a water damage claim with their insurance provider, but the insurance provider was not responding. The client needed immediate help and was referred to Excel Adjusters by a friend. We worked to get a response from insurance while guiding her through the claim process. Her insurance initially offered a $3,889.19 settlement, but our team was able to negotiate a higher and fair settlement in the amount of $97,401.65.

When Should I Consider Hiring a Public Adjuster For My Insurance Claim?

Whether you have experienced hurricane damage, roof damage, storm damage, fire damage, or many other types of property damage, working with a public adjuster can help. Here’s when to consider hiring public adjusters:

  • You feel overwhelmed by the process
  • Your property damage was extensive
  • You think the settlement amount is too low
  • You are being ignored by your provider
  • You need things done quickly
  • You do not have the skills to navigate the claims process
  • You are confused by the paperwork
  • You have never filed a claim before
  • You are not familiar with insurance laws

It’s important to note that hiring an “insurance adjuster” is not the same as a public adjuster. A public adjuster works for you, whereas insurance adjusters are hired by your insurance company and are working in the interest of your insurance provider.

Hiring a Public Adjuster For My Insurance Claim

How Does Hiring a Public Adjuster Work?

Once you contact a public adjuster, they will:

  • Negotiate a Fair, Final, and Reasonable Settlement for the Policyholder
  • Assess Building Damage
  • Provide Licensed and unbiased vendors for work that is needed
  • Review Insurance Policy Coverages & Water Damage Restoration Process
  • Evaluate Clients' Compliance Responsibilities
  • Investigate and Measure the Extent of the Loss
  • Evaluate Replacement Costs and/or Depreciation
  • Assemble Business Equipment Claims
  • Assemble Support data for Loss of Income Claim
  • Prepare Documentation for Advance Payment Request
  • Evaluate Microbial Contamination (mold)
  • Assess Total Loss Claims and Review Insurance Estimates

At Excel Adjusters, we work for you. We specialize in residential and commercial property loss for water damage, fire damage, wildfire, earthquake, flood, and theft. To this day, we have handled over 2,000 damaged property claims. Our highly trained team of professionals identifies, quantifies, and establishes the full extent of your loss with your insurance company. Our experts relieve you of the intricacies and complex procedures that come with handling claims in English, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese throughout the entire process.


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