Whether you have smoke damages, total fire loss, or partial fire loss, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in representing you and your property insurance claim.

Properties that remain standing after a wildfire can have both visible and unseen damages from smoke, soot, ash, and potentially water damage. Intense winds often spread wildfire debris, causing severe smoke infiltration of properties that are hundreds of miles away from the fire.

At Excel Adjusters, we are experts with handling wildfire claims and helping you get the maximum amount for your damages.

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Sarah at Excel Adjusters was extremely helpful. I live on the east coast but my parents’ home in Fullerton was under my name. Sarah was so patient and accommodating facilitating all paperwork between 2 coasts and making sure everything went smoothly in the entire process. Thanks for making it all seamless!!!

– Leila P. – February 15, 2018

Excellent service and they were very efficient. Had a problem in our kitchen but now I love the way our kitchen looks. Would recommend to others – MinsooS

– Minsoo S. – February 15, 2018

Prompt!! Professional!! My experience has been PHENOMENAL!!! Excel Adjuster, John Park came out and went through the details. Clearly understood and the process was easy. Damage to my house was a detrimental experience. But Excel adjusters took care of everything like one of their family~ – Max L.

– Max L. – February 15, 2018

They explained the whole process thoroughly and fixed damage at once without any delay and kept following up with insurance claims. -Young Y.

–Young Y. – February 15, 2018

We used Excel adjusters service a few month ago and I can’t be more happy and appreciate the professionalism and great care that we got and the amazing results we got! -Richard S

– Richard S. – February 15, 2018

I am extremely satisfied with their fast response & customer service. Compared to other companies I tried to reach out or have support from they are not as fast and as accurate and professional as this company. Thank you.

– Jesse K. – January 3, 2018

Had severe water damage at home, but they dealt with it perfectly. Had problems with the insurance company afterwards, but excel adjusters helped us out all the way. Extremely good at their job. Highly recommend

– Minwook S. – January 3, 2018

Good job to the Excel Adjusters team. Thank you for always being so prompt in responding and taking care of our home repair quickly and efficiently. You made our water damage situation much less stressful thanks to your help.

– Christian P. – January 3, 2018

Highly recommend Excel Adjusters for Korean and English speakers.

– Julia J. – January 3, 2018

Excel Adjusters Inc. has the type of Quality Service you’d expect when having a public adjuster

– S. Totoy – January 3, 2018

Property Damage Caused By Wildfires
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Damage caused by wildfires can be extensive and go beyond what the eye can see. It can include:

  • Full or partial burn to your home or property
  • Smoke damage
  • Water damage
  • Wind damage

With offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Irvine, and Orange County, we can help you with your wildfire claims process from beginning to end throughout the state of California.


To maximize your wildfire claim settlement amount, it can help to understand the below topics. Please feel free to call us at (213-800-3333) for a no-cost discussion regarding your claim.

What is the first step when filing my wildfire insurance claim?

Does my insurance cover damage surge?

How does my insurance company deal with wildfire claims?

What is the difference between a public adjuster and an insurance adjuster?

What expenses do I need to document?

What is the difference between a public adjuster and an insurance adjuster?

What is the cost of a public adjuster?

Understanding Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Many property owners are not familiar with what their insurance policy covers when it comes to wildfire claims. If your home has experienced any damage (including partial or total loss) due to a wildfire, the first step is understanding your claim. This will make it significantly easier to receive the full settlement you are entitled to after a fire.

After all, every homeowner’s insurance policy is different, with some having higher limits than others when it comes to reimbursement for expenses due to loss.

Understanding the Coverage of Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

There are several types of coverage listed in your insurance policy. It is important that claimants verify which expenses are typically covered during a loss.

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Coverage A
Main Home or Dwelling

This portion of your policy covers any and all damage that has occurred to your home. That damage also includes any loss incurred beneath the main floor of the dwelling. The amount listed in the policy is the maximum monetary amount you are entitled to receive should your home be burned down entirely. This extent of damage would constitute a complete and total loss of the home.

tower structure

Coverage B
Additional Structures

This describes the coverage of other structures that are located in the surrounding areas of the main home or dwelling. Example of such would be buildings in the direct vicinity, fencing, landscaping, concrete driveways, pool, pool decks, and assorted walkways, among others.

Home keys

Coverage C
Personal Belongings

This part of the policy deals with any damage or loss of your personal belongings. These include any and all contents located within the home at the time of the fire, all of which are owned or used by you and your family residing in the home.


Coverage D
Living Costs

This coverage reimburses any living expenses incurred due to an inability to live within the property as a result of damage or loss. The policy will cover any and all living costs up to the policy limits so the insured may continue to live comfortably and as they are normally accustomed.

Hiring a Hygienist To Assist With Your Wildfire Claim
Hiring a Hygienist To Assist With Your Wildfire Claim

It’s critical to bring in an independent hygienist to help determine the extent of the damages your property has incurred from a wildfire. Additionally, this needs to be done before initiating a claim with your insurer.

A Certified Industrial Hygienist will test your property for ash, soot, levels of smoke, and additional contaminants that might exist within the building. These contaminant samplings will be taken from the interior surfaces of the property, from window and floor coverings, furniture, and other soft materials that might have been permeated, and air sampling to detect any toxins


Following the inspection, the samples will be tested for toxicity. Once the results are received, the hygienist will complete a report of all resulting damages from the wildfire. Recommendations will be made as to whether the items that have been contaminated will need to be replaced.

Do NOT rely on a hygienist that has been recommended by your insurance provider, otherwise you risk the hygienist representing the interests of your provider rather than you, the policyholder. The result could be that you are left with being responsible for paying the full extent of damages.

By hiring an independent hygienist to inspect your property, the claims process will be much more efficient and effective for getting you the maximum reimbursement you deserve.

We’re Here To Help


Thoroughly reviewing your insurance policy so that we have a comprehensive understanding of your coverage.


Extensively assessing and documenting any potential damages.


We communicate with you during the entire claims process, keeping you up to speed on our progress.


Negotiating your insurance claim on your behalf.


Settling your wildfire claim for the maximum amount you deserve.

As a licensed adjuster, we are legally allowed to handle insurance claims by the Department of Insurance. We regularly represent homeowners experiencing fire or water damages who are unfamiliar with the claims process. By doing so, we can protect you, the property owner, from an insurance company attempting to low-ball you on a settlement. As a policyholder, you have the right to be adequately reimbursed for any loss to your property. The Excel Adjusters team can ensure that the insurance company compensates you fairly for those damages.

Our specific services include:

  • Documenting visible damage
  • Assessing unseen damage
  • Providing full proof of loss
  • Negotiating your insurance claim on your behalf to maximize your settlement
  • Providing Loss Assessments Experts as needed
  • Taking over all communications until the case is settled, helping you to be stress-free

If you’re suffering from a homeowner property claim, we can help!

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