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Experiencing vandalism or theft is a worst nightmare for every business and commercial property owner. It almost always is a surprise and leaves victims feeling overwhelmed and in a state of panic. The result often leads to victims filing commercial vandalism claims or theft claims in a hurry, skipping important steps in the process, and forgetting to collect crucial evidence.

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At Excel Adjusters we help guide you through the entire claims process and do our best to maximize your payouts. Whether it’s a commercial vandalism claim, commercial theft claim, or a commercial fire claim you are filing with your insurance company, our goal is to help get you the reimbursement you deserve.

Commercial Vandalism

What Qualifies as Commercial Vandalism?

Vandalism is defined as action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property. Vandalism can be committed in several different ways, including:

  • Breaking windows, lights, or doors
  • Manipulating the plumbing
  • Spray painting or defacing the exterior or interior areas of the commercial building
  • Causing damage to the lawn, trees, or bushes on the property
  • Damaging locks
  • Arson (deliberately setting fire to the property)

What Qualifies as Commercial Theft?

Theft is defined as knowingly and intentionally taking another person’s property. This can include:

  • Stealing items from outside of your property, regardless of whether or not they were locked
  • Removing an item that was located inside your property
  • Looting someone else’s property
Theft clams insurance policy

Are Vandalism Claims and Theft Claims Covered Under Your Commercial Insurance Policy?

Make sure your insurance policy covers theft and vandalism. You can find out specifically what is covered by contacting your insurance provider. You will also want to find out if your policy has specific coverage limits. For example, your policy might only cover up to $500 in replacement costs, regardless of whether or not the value of the items vandalized or stolen is significantly higher.

You should also ask your insurance provider if your policy is written for current market value replacement or replacement cost. Current market value replacement assumes that the value of each vandalized or stolen item is depreciated over time – This means the reimbursement amount of your property items is based on the difference between the depreciation amount and cost to replace each item. Replacement cost means your vandalized or stolen property is valued based on current retail prices.


While there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of theft and vandalism, there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk:


Keep the property surrounding your commercial building maintained. This might include regularly mowing the grass and trimming the bushes


Avoid hiding a spare key to the building on your property


Call a board-up company to install deadbolts on all entry doorways.


Lock all windows and doors (including sliding glass doors)


Use exterior lighting outside your property and make sure it cannot be deactivated by intruders.


Notify the police if you notice any suspicious activity surrounding your commercial property.


Consider installing a security alarm system.

Be Prepared: Document Your Valuables

No one is ever fully prepared when vandalism and theft occurs. But there are a few proactive measures you can take, so that if your commercial building does experience theft or vandalism, you are somewhat prepared for filing your vandalism claim. This will ultimately build a stronger case for your commercial vandalism claim or commercial fire claim. It includes:

  • Take images of the property, including all possessions, interior, and exterior areas to show proof of damage if damage does occur.
  • Save all your receipts from any business purchases.
  • Write a list of belongings within the building.
  • Keep important documents in a fire-proof box or a safe.


If your commercial property is vandalized or you experience theft, you should immediately take the below actions. These actions can make all the difference between receiving the maximum reimbursement amount for your commercial vandalism claim or receiving nothing.

Safe building

Make sure your building is safe before entering.

Call 911 if you believe someone might still be inside your property.

File a Police Report

File a Police Report

Call the police to file an official police report. This provides proof of the incident and an official record to your insurance company that vandalism or theft occurred.

Take photo

Take Photos

Take photos of any and all damage caused by the theft or vandalism. This is a crucial step for documenting the damage and will be helpful when filing your vandalism claim or theft claim.

List of damaged items

Prepare a List of Stolen and Damaged Items

After you have contacted the police and Excel Adjusters, it is important to prepare a list documenting the stolen and damaged items. Your list should include:

  • When and where each stolen or damaged item was purchased.
  • Include the cost of each stolen or damaged item.
  • If available, include a copy of the purchase receipt.
  • Collect photos and videos of each stolen and damaged item.

Contact a Licensed Public Adjuster

Dealing with an insurance company in Los Angeles is never easy, and theft and vandalism claims are no exception. In fact, they can be difficult to understand, which can prevent building owners from receiving their maximum payout amount.

To make things more difficult, some insurance companies will try to limit the amount of coverage that will be reimbursed. These types of limitations and exclusions often lead to individuals only receiving partial coverage for their vandalism or theft claims.

The earlier in the process you contact a licensed, independent public adjuster, the more we can help. As soon as you file your vandalism claim or theft claim in Los Angeles, your insurance provider will visit your commercial property to conduct an inspection. The purpose of their visit is to find out first-hand what caused the theft or vandalism, how exactly it happened, and what they think needs to be repaired or replaced. Also known as “field scoping,” this process is done in order to prepare an estimated cost of repairs to your insurance company.

Field scoping contacts are hired by your insurance company and are therefore, supporting the insurance provider rather than you, the policy holder.

Our goal at Excel Adjusters is to make sure you receive a fair payout from the vandalism or theft that was done to your commercial building. We represent you.


At Excel Adjusters, we will help you negotiate a fair payout for your vandalism or theft claim. We are fully independent and able to prioritize your needs – We are not provided by the insurance company. Our goal is to make sure your rights are upheld during the vandalism or theft claim process and maximize your payout.

We’ll help to:

Notify Your Insurance Provider

Notify Your Insurance Provider

Whichever step of the claims process you are at, it helps tremendously to have a public adjuster speak with your insurance provider on your behalf.

While it’s true that you can go through the claims process alone, dealing with vandalism or theft claims requires in-depth knowledge of complex insurance policies and property repairs. Speaking with an insurance company regarding policy coverage is similar to speaking a different language. Most commercial building owners have never filed a theft or vandalism claim before or spent any time understanding the intricacies of such claims. It’s also easy to become emotionally involved since your valuables and livelihood are at stake, which can add to the difficulty of filing a claim.

Maximize Your Payouts

Maximize Your Payouts

As your public adjuster, we do our best to maximize payouts for insurance water damage and flood claims. We know how to speak to insurance carriers to do everything in our power to get you the money you need for your repairs.

Additionally, did you know that most contractors and floor experts are not licensed by the Department of Insurance and are not legally allowed to represent you on your water damage public claim? However as a public adjuster, we are licensed by the state and can provide legal representation for you throughout the water damage and flood claims process.

Claim process

Guide You Through the Commercial Vandalism Claim or Theft Claim Process

As your independent public adjuster, we will be there during the entire claims process to guide and advise you and negotiate payouts with your insurance company. We’ll also manage and submit any necessary paperwork. When the field scoping agent inspects the damage done to your property, we will be on site with them.

Assist with Every Stage of Your Commercial Vandalism Claim or Theft Claim

Whether you’re at the beginning of filing a theft or vandalism claim in Los Angeles, or several weeks into the process, we can help.

  • If your insurance company is refusing to cover ALE or Loss of Use expenses, we can work with your insurance company in an attempt to get you reimbursed for any living costs you incurred in your temporary home.
  • Your insurance company might try to cut corners in your repairs in order to reduce costs on their end. This can sometimes result in poorly done repair jobs and unprofessional damage rebuild companies. If you are not happy with the repairs done, we can help negotiate with your insurance company in order to get the “like-for-like” standard outlined in your policy. If your insurance policy includes these terms, you are entitled to receive a payout from your insurance company that covers the entire cost to replace items of the same quality as what you previously owned. Each situation is unique to your specific insurance policy.
  • We can speak with your insurance company if your insurance claim has been denied. We will provide evidence and reasoning as to why your vandalism claim or theft claim should be covered by your carrier.
Excel adjuster

Excel Adjusters Will:

  • Assess Building Damage for Theft and Vandalism (including Fire)
  • Provide Damage Rebuild Services
  • Review Insurance Policy Coverage
  • Evaluate Clients Compliance Responsibilities
  • Investigate and Measure the Extent of the Loss
  • Evaluate Replacement Cost and/or Depreciation
  • Assemble Business Equipment Claim
  • Assemble Support Data for Loss of Income Claim
  • Prepare Documentation for Advance Payment Request
  • Evaluate Microbial Contamination (mold/fungus)
  • Assess Total Loss Claims and Review Insurance Estimates
  • Expedite the Claim Process
  • Negotiate Final Recovery to the Insured’s Satisfaction

What We Charge

Proving your loss is not always easy and can be very challenging. At Excel Adjusters we charge a small percentage based on what we settled for our policyholders. If there is no recovery amount on your claim, then we do not charge any expenses or fees. We also offer free consultations and guidance to your claim.

What we charge
Your rights

Your Rights

If your commercial property has experienced vandalism or theft and you need to file a vandalism claim or theft claim in Los Angeles, we can help.

Under the regulation of the State Department of Insurance, you have the right to receive a fair adjustment on a claim. The insurance company is obligated to compensate you for your losses. You have no obligation to accept a low-ball offer and/or delays in processing your commercial vandalism claim, theft claim, or fire claim. Excel Adjusters can help protect policyholders and uphold the insurance company’s obligation to make proper payments where liability is reasonably clear.

For the attention and devotion your case deserves, contact us for a free consultation to discuss your particular circumstances with your vandalism claim or theft claim in Los Angeles.

If you’ve experienced vandalism or theft and need to file a vandalism claim or theft claim in Los Angeles, we can help.

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The duration can vary depending on the complexity of the property insurance claim, but as your public adjuster, we will work efficiently to expedite the process and get you a settlement as soon as possible.

Documentation is extremely important when filing vandalism insurance claims. You should provide all relevant insurance policy information, photos of the damage, receipts for repairs or replacements (if applicable), and any other documentation related to your property insurance claims.

Hiring a public adjuster can significantly benefit you by ensuring that your claim is properly assessed, documented, and negotiated with the insurance company, potentially leading to a higher settlement.

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