Dealing with a marijuana insurance claim poses significant challenges for landlords in Ontario, a situation more prevalent than commonly acknowledged. Tenants frequently utilize rental properties for marijuana cultivation, necessitating extensive repairs to the property’s structure and mandatory reporting of damages to the state, along with THC testing, incurring substantial costs.

At Excel Adjusters, our allegiance lies solely with you, the policyholder. Irrespective of the type of vandalism or cause of damage, our objective is to secure the maximum settlement amount owed under your homeowner insurance policy. We guide you through the entire process, ensuring your claims are promptly and accurately filed.

Types of Vandalism and Damage Caused By Marijuana Growers

The damage inflicted by marijuana growers on your property in Ontario can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs. Regrettably, rental properties are an enticing option for tenants to cultivate marijuana due to the lower costs compared to using commercial buildings. Moreover, it's easier for them to evade detection with their illegal grow operations and sell their produce outside of California. Additionally, marijuana plants necessitate high levels of light and water, both of which can result in substantial issues. Here are some examples of vandalism and damage:

Damage Caused By Marijuana Growers
  • Growers often rewire homes to maximize light exposure to their plants, resulting in holes in walls and ceilings.
  • The presence of large amounts of soil, fertilizers, and chemicals can cover floors and carpets.
  • Equipment may be affixed to floorboards and carpets with staples.
  • Window frames may be broken, ceiling fans destroyed, and window blinds damaged by intense heat, with items placed over windows to maintain darkness.
  • Cabinets, including their tracks, may be vandalized. Insulation and air filters can be contaminated with toxic chemicals.
  • Plumbing systems might be compromised with hazardous substances and fertilizers poured into them.
  • Foul odors permeate every room, affecting surfaces throughout the property.
  • Water seepage through walls and floorboards can lead to mold growth in concealed areas.

These are just some examples of the extensive damage caused by illegal marijuana grow operations.

At Excel Adjusters, we specialize in advocating for your insurance claim, ensuring you receive the maximum settlement you are rightfully owed. Our dedicated team is committed to protecting your interests and securing the compensation you deserve.

Get help with your vandalism insurance claim.

Additional Types of Vandalism That Can Occur

Indeed, marijuana grow operations aren’t the sole threat to your rental property in Ontario. Damages can also stem from various other sources, including:

  • Meth labs, which can cause structural and chemical damage to your home.
  • Graffiti or other markings on exterior walls or interior surfaces.
  • Damage to windows, such as shattered or cracked panes, resulting from intentional acts.
  • Forced entry or deliberate damage to doors, including scratches, dents, or breakage.
  • Intentional destruction of personal belongings, furniture, or other property within the home.
  • Vandalism affecting electrical systems, plumbing, heating, or cooling systems in a malicious manner.
  • Destruction or defacement of landscaping, gardens, or outdoor structures like sheds or gazebos.
  • Arson or the intentional setting of fires causing damage to the home or property.
  • And various other forms of intentional damage or destruction.
Possible Exclusions On Your Homeowner Policy

Possible Exclusions On Your Homeowner Policy in Ontario

Specific categories of deliberate damage incidents could be ineligible for coverage under a homeowners insurance plan. Presented below are some frequently encountered exemptions. It's crucial to thoroughly examine the precise stipulations of your policy to grasp the scope of vandalism-related losses that receive coverage and those that do not. Insurance policies may exhibit notable disparities among different providers.

  • Malicious destruction to properties left unoccupied for a designated duration, usually spanning 30 days or longer.
  • Destruction stemming from the gradual decay of the property over time.
  • Neglect of upkeep leading to problems with the rental property.
  • Intentional harm inflicted by the policyholder or inhabitants of the residence.
  • And additional exclusions.

Our team in Ontario is available to assist you in comprehending the inclusions and exclusions of your existing homeowner policy.

How We Can Help

Our primary goal is to ensure that the insurance company fulfills its responsibility to provide appropriate compensation for the damage inflicted on your rental property. We follow several essential steps to conduct inspections and evaluate the overall extent of the damage, along with offering recommendations for repairs.

This involves identifying items requiring replacement or cleaning, as well as deodorizing affected areas. Additionally, we provide technical suggestions such as inspecting air filters and ducts, employing a comprehensive top-to-bottom approach from the attic downwards. In instances where your property has been vandalized, whether by a marijuana grow operation or through other means, we engage independent, reputable, and experienced contractors to restore your home to its pre-damaged condition. This encompasses:

How We Can Help
Lead and Asbestos Testing

Lead and Asbestos Testing

The initial stage involves conducting tests on the property to detect the presence of lead and asbestos. Properties that yield positive results for lead and asbestos necessitate treatment under Procedure 5, adhering to E.P.A. guidelines. This entails entrusting the handling of affected materials solely to a licensed abatement company, which will remove them from the premises and conduct clearance testing before mitigation efforts can commence.

THC Hygienist Testing

THC Hygienist Testing

A THC Hygienist will assess the level of contamination within the property and furnish a comprehensive outline delineating the necessary scope of work for mitigation. This document serves as a roadmap for the subsequent actions aimed at restoring your property.

THC Mitigation

THC Mitigation

Upon receipt of the inspection report from the THC Hygienist, we will enlist the services of an independent THC mitigation firm to restore your home to its original condition before its use as a marijuana grow house.

During this stage, any irreparable materials will be removed from your home. The THC mitigation team will salvage any materials that can be recovered, grind contaminated materials, decontaminate the property, eliminate odors, and restore the premises to your desired standard. Following the completion of mitigation, third-party clearance testing will be required. Once clearance is obtained, the reconstruction process can commence.

Water Damage and Mold Remediation

When your rental property in Ontario is utilized for marijuana cultivation, it's highly probable that excessive water usage occurred in inappropriate areas to sustain plant growth.

An independent restoration contractor will identify and eradicate mold, pinpoint sources of moisture and leaks, eliminate excess moisture, and rectify all water damage to safeguard your home against further deterioration.

Occasionally, an environmental contractor may be necessary to obtain a mold sample, particularly if mold is present but no water-related issues are apparent. Following mold removal, the mitigation company can proceed with grinding structural materials and purifying the air to eliminate contaminants.

Clearance Testing for Air Quality

Following the evaluation and removal of mold, it's imperative to test the air quality within the home to verify that it meets health standards. This task is usually carried out by the same environmental company responsible for conducting lead and asbestos testing.


Your public adjuster in Ontario will dispatch a third-party estimator to the location to offer an impartial assessment of the damages. This process acts as a checks and balances system to ensure a fair resolution for settling your claim.

Fulfilling your Claim

Once your home has undergone testing for hazardous chemicals and air quality, with damaged items removed and reconstruction in progress, a public adjuster will engage with the insurance company to secure fulfillment of your claim. An official report detailing recommendations, test results, and items requiring replacement will be submitted to your insurance provider.

Get Help With Your Vandalism Claim

Why You Should Hire Excel Adjusters for Your Vandalism Insurance Claim

1. We Work For You

We exclusively advocate for you, the policyholder, and do not have any affiliation with the insurance company. Our objective is to aid in promptly filing your claim and to secure the maximum settlement amount owed to you.

2. We Know State Insurance Laws

Negotiating claims can be complex due to varying laws across different states. Our team in Ontario operates locally and is well-versed in the specific laws governing your state. This expertise enables us to navigate the intricacies of your state's regulations and maximize the compensation you receive from your insurance claim.

3. We Handle All Communication with the Insurance Company

As your public adjuster, we possess Power of Attorney in your claim, granting us the authority to manage all communications with your insurance provider on your behalf. Consequently, you're relieved of the burden of dealing directly with your insurance company, as they are legally obligated to correspond with us. This arrangement allows you to concentrate on progressing with your life while we handle all the necessary paperwork and logistical aspects of your claim.

4. You’re Protected

We are committed to fulfilling the insurance company's responsibility to provide payments to you upon approval of your claim. Additionally, we strive to protect you from exploitation during the claims process, recognizing any limitations in your experience and expertise in this domain.

5. We Ensure There Is No Hidden Damage

It's often the case that damage to your home or commercial building may not be readily apparent to the untrained eye. This hidden damage could imply that you have more extensive damage than initially anticipated. By engaging our services as your public adjuster, we possess the expertise to bring in the right inspectors to thoroughly assess all potential damage, thus assisting in optimizing your insurance claim.

How Hiring a Public Adjuster Works

Upon contacting us for assistance with your vandalism claim, we will:

  • Negotiate a fair, final, and reasonable settlement for the policyholder.
  • Assess building damage.
  • Provide licensed and unbiased vendors for necessary work.
  • Review insurance policy coverages and the water damage restoration process.
  • Evaluate clients' compliance responsibilities.
  • Investigate and measure the extent of the loss.
  • Evaluate replacement costs and/or depreciation.
  • Assemble business equipment claims.
  • Assemble supporting data for loss of income claim.
  • Prepare documentation for advance payment requests.
  • Evaluate microbial contamination (mold).
  • Assess total loss claims and review insurance estimates.

Get Help From The Experts With Your Vandalism Claim

At Excel Adjusters, our focus is on serving you. Specializing in residential and commercial property losses due to vandalism, water damage, fire, wildfire, earthquake, flood, and theft, we bring extensive experience to the table. To date, we have successfully managed over 2,000 property damage claims. Our dedicated team of professionals is highly trained to identify, quantify, and establish the complete extent of your loss with your insurance company. We understand the complexities and intricacies involved in handling claims, and we're here to navigate them for you. Our services are available in English, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese, ensuring clear communication and support throughout the entire process.

When handling vandalism claims, we collaborate with independent and experienced third parties for all stages of testing, mitigation, and remediation work to prevent any conflicts of interest. For THC mitigation, water damage, and mold remediation, we partner with Restoration Unlimited, a trusted independent contractor.

Navigating a marijuana insurance claim or any vandalism claim on your own can be intricate. Allow us to assist you in navigating your insurance company, enabling you to efficiently repair the damages to your property and resume normal business operations.

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