Managing a marijuana insurance claim can pose significant challenges for landlords in Rancho Cucamonga. Regrettably, this situation is more prevalent than commonly perceived, as tenants often utilize rental properties for marijuana cultivation. From addressing structural repairs to fulfilling state reporting requirements and conducting THC testing, the associated costs can be substantial.

At Excel Adjusters, our commitment is to serve you, the policyholder, exclusively. Regardless of the vandalism type or the cause of damage, our objective is to assist you in obtaining the maximum settlement amount owed under your homeowner insurance policy. We’ll guide you through the entire process and ensure your claims are successfully filed.

Types of Vandalism and Damage Caused By Marijuana Growers

The damage caused by marijuana growers on your property in Rancho Cucamonga can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Rental properties are often targeted by tenants for marijuana cultivation due to its cost-effectiveness compared to using commercial buildings. Moreover, it's easier for them to operate their illegal grow operations under the radar and distribute their products outside of California. Additionally, the cultivation of marijuana plants necessitates high levels of light and water, both of which can result in significant issues. Some examples of vandalism and damage include:

Damage Caused By Marijuana Growers
  • Growers frequently manipulate the electrical wiring in homes to optimize light distribution for their plants, resulting in the installation of holes in walls and ceilings.
  • Substantial amounts of soil filled with fertilizers and chemicals are often scattered across floors and carpets.
  • Equipment may be affixed to floorboards and carpets using staples. Water infiltration through walls and floorboards can trigger mold growth in concealed areas.
  • Window frames might be damaged, ceiling fans destroyed, and window blinds scorched due to excessive heat, with objects placed over windows to maintain darkness.
  • Cabinets, along with their tracks, may suffer vandalism, while insulation and air filters may become contaminated with hazardous substances.
  • Plumbing systems may be subjected to the pouring of toxic chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Foul odors permeate every room and surface, alongside numerous other damages.

At Excel Adjusters, we're dedicated to championing your insurance claim, securing the highest settlement possible for you.

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Additional Types of Vandalism That Can Occur

Your rental property in Rancho Cucamonga faces various threats beyond marijuana grow operations. Damages can also arise from:

  • Meth labs, which pose risks of structural and chemical damage to your home.
  • Spray paint or other markings on exterior walls or interior surfaces.
  • Damage to windows, including intentional shattering or cracking of panes.
  • Forced entry or deliberate damage to doors, such as scratches, dents, or breakage.
  • Intentional destruction of personal belongings, furniture, or other property within the home.
  • Vandalism affecting electrical systems, plumbing, heating, or cooling systems maliciously.
  • Destruction or defacement of landscaping, gardens, or outdoor structures like sheds or gazebos.
  • Arson or intentional setting of fires causing damage to the home or property.
  • And more.
Possible Exclusions On Your Homeowner Policy

Possible Exclusions On Your Homeowner Policy

Certain types of vandalism claims may not fall under the purview of a homeowners insurance policy. Below, you'll find some common exclusions. It's essential to carefully review the specific terms and conditions of your policy to grasp the scope of coverage for vandalism-related damages and any exclusions. Policies can vary significantly among insurers.

  • Acts of vandalism on properties left unattended for a specified duration, typically 30 days or longer.
  • Damage attributed to the gradual decay of the property over time.
  • Issues arising from inadequate upkeep of rental properties.
  • Deliberate damage caused by the policyholder or occupants of the residence.
  • And there may be further exclusions to consider.

Our team in Rancho Cucamonga is here to assist you in comprehending the extent of coverage provided by your current homeowner policy, including what is included and what is not.

How We Can Help

Our foremost aim is to fulfill the insurance company's responsibility to compensate for the harm inflicted upon your leased residence. We follow several crucial procedures to conduct a thorough examination of your dwelling and evaluate the extent of the damage, along with proposing necessary repairs.

This entails pinpointing items necessitating replacement or cleansing, eliminating odors, and delving into technical aspects like scrutinizing air filters and ducts, adopting a comprehensive approach from the attic downwards. In instances where your property suffers vandalism from activities like marijuana cultivation or other means, we enlist the services of independent, trustworthy contractors with ample experience to restore your residence to its former state. This encompasses:

How We Can Help
Lead and Asbestos Testing

Lead and Asbestos Testing

Initially, we initiate testing of the property to detect the presence of lead and asbestos. If either substance is found, the property must undergo treatment in line with Procedure 5, following E.P.A. regulations. Consequently, only a licensed abatement company is authorized to manage the affected materials, extracting them from the premises and conducting clearance testing before mitigation efforts can commence.

THC Hygienist Testing

THC Hygienist Testing

An expert THC Hygienist will analyze the extent of contamination within your home and deliver a detailed plan outlining the specific scope of mitigation required. This plan will serve as a precise guide for the subsequent steps in repairing your property.

THC Mitigation

THC Mitigation

Based on the assessment report furnished by the THC Hygienist, we will engage an autonomous THC mitigation firm to restore your residence to its pre-marijuana grow house condition.

During this phase, any irreparable materials will be systematically removed from your premises. The THC mitigation team will diligently salvage any recoverable materials, conduct thorough material grinding, execute decontamination and deodorization procedures, and meticulously restore your property to its desired state. Subsequent to the completion of the mitigation process, third-party clearance testing is obligatory. Upon obtaining clearance, the reconstruction phase can promptly commence.

Water Damage and Mold Remediation

If your rental property in Rancho has been utilized for marijuana cultivation, it's highly likely that substantial volumes of water were employed in improper areas to sustain plant growth.

An independent restoration contractor will identify and eliminate mold, pinpoint sources of moisture and leaks, facilitate drying out of excess moisture, and eradicate all indications of water damage to thwart further harm to your residence.

Occasionally, the expertise of an environmental contractor is necessary to collect a mold sample. This arises in situations where mold is present but no water-related issues are evident. Following mold removal, the mitigation company can initiate structural material grinding and air decontamination procedures.

Clearance Testing for Air Quality

Once the mold assessment and removal procedures are completed, it's essential to test the air quality within the home to verify its healthiness. This task is usually undertaken by the same environmental company responsible for conducting lead and asbestos testing.


Your public adjuster in Rancho Cucamonga will dispatch a third-party estimator to the site to offer an impartial evaluation of the damages. This ensures a checks-and-balances system for the fair settlement of your claim.

Fulfilling your Claim

Once your home has undergone testing for harmful chemicals and air quality, with damaged items removed and reconstruction efforts initiated, a public adjuster will liaise with the insurance company to ensure your claim is processed. An official report detailing recommendations, test results, and items requiring replacement will be meticulously submitted to your insurance provider.

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Why You Should Hire Excel Adjusters for Your Vandalism Insurance Claim

1. We Work For You

We are your exclusive advocates, dedicated solely to representing your interests as the policyholder. Our allegiance is unwaveringly towards you, distinct from any ties to the insurance company. Our paramount goal is to expedite the claims process and ensure you receive the utmost compensation you deserve, striving tirelessly to maximize your settlement amount.

2. We Know State Insurance Laws

Delving into the realm of claim negotiation laws unveils a labyrinth of complexity, particularly with the intricate variations from state to state. However, our team's roots are firmly embedded within your community, affording us an unparalleled familiarity with the distinct legal landscape of your state. Armed with this localized insight, we orchestrate a tailored approach to navigate the legal intricacies in Rancho Cucamonga, ensuring that every facet of your insurance claim is optimized to secure the highest possible payout for you.

3. We Handle All Communication with the Insurance Company

In our capacity as your public adjuster, we wield Power of Attorney in your claim, granting us the authority to manage all communication with your insurance provider on your behalf. This pivotal arrangement alleviates the burden on your shoulders, as your insurance company is mandated by law to engage with us directly. Consequently, you can redirect your focus towards moving forward with your life, secure in the knowledge that we will shoulder the responsibility of navigating paperwork and undertaking the arduous tasks on your behalf.

4. You’re Protected

We steadfastly champion your right to receive rightful compensation from the insurance company once your claim gains approval. Beyond mere representation, we serve as your dedicated advocates, diligently preventing any exploitation that may arise from your unfamiliarity with the intricate processes involved.

5. We Ensure There Is No Hidden Damage

Damage to your home or commercial property often hides from the untrained eye, potentially leading to underestimated assessments. Engaging us as your public adjuster empowers you with access to our network of specialized inspectors adept at uncovering latent damages. This strategic approach not only ensures comprehensive evaluation but also serves to maximize your insurance claim by accounting for all potential damages.

How Hiring a Public Adjuster Works

Upon contacting us to handle your vandalism claim, we undertake a comprehensive array of tasks, including:

  • Negotiating a Fair, Final, and Reasonable Settlement for the Policyholder.
  • Assessing Building Damage.
  • Providing access to licensed and unbiased vendors for necessary work.
  • Reviewing Insurance Policy Coverages & Water Damage Restoration Process.
  • Evaluating Clients' Compliance Responsibilities.
  • Investigating and Measuring the Extent of the Loss.
  • Assessing Replacement Costs and/or Depreciation.
  • Assembling Business Equipment Claims.
  • Compiling Support Data for Loss of Income Claim.
  • Preparing Documentation for Advance Payment Requests.
  • Evaluating Microbial Contamination (mold).
  • Assessing Total Loss Claims and Reviewing Insurance Estimates.

Get Help From The Experts With Your Vandalism Claim

At Excel Adjusters, our dedication is to you. Specializing in residential and commercial property losses stemming from vandalism, water, fire, wildfire, earthquake, flood, and theft, we bring over 2,000 claims of experience to the table. Our seasoned team of professionals is meticulously trained to identify, quantify, and delineate the complete scope of your loss to your insurance company.

We understand the intricacies and complexities involved in claims handling, which is why we offer our services in English, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese. This ensures seamless communication and support throughout the entire process, providing you with peace of mind during challenging times.

In addressing vandalism claims, we prioritize transparency and impartiality by engaging independent, experienced third parties for every stage of testing, mitigation, and remediation work. For THC Mitigation and Water and Mold Remediation, we proudly collaborate with Restoration Unlimited, a trusted, independent contractor renowned for their expertise.

Attempting to navigate your marijuana insurance claim or any vandalism-related issue alone can be intricate. Let us be your guiding light through this complex process. With our support, you can confidently address your insurance company, swiftly repair property damages, and seamlessly resume business operations, leaving the complexities to us.

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