Navigating a marijuana insurance claim in Victorville can be a significant concern for landlords. Sadly, this scenario is more prevalent than typically recognized – renters often utilize rental properties for marijuana cultivation. From repairing the current property structure to reporting damage to state authorities and arranging THC testing, the financial implications can be substantial.

Excel Adjusters is here to serve you, the policyholder, exclusively. Regardless of the vandalism’s nature or the cause of damage, our priority is unwavering: to secure the maximum settlement amount you’re entitled to under your homeowner insurance policy. We’re dedicated to guiding you through every aspect of the process and ensuring your claims are handled promptly.

Types of Vandalism and Damage Caused By Marijuana Growers

Damage inflicted by growers on your property in Victorville can lead to repairs totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sadly, rental properties are alluring to tenants for marijuana cultivation due to its lower costs compared to using commercial buildings. Moreover, operating covertly and selling outside California is easier for them. Furthermore, marijuana cultivation demands high levels of light and water, both of which can cause substantial problems. Examples of vandalism and damage include:

Damage Caused By Marijuana Growers
  • Cultivators modify residences to maximize light exposure for plants, puncturing walls and ceilings.
  • Soil, teeming with fertilizers and chemicals, covers floors and carpets.
  • Equipment securely fastened to floorboards and carpet.
  • Water seeps in, fostering mold growth in concealed areas.
  • Window frames smashed, ceiling fans demolished, blinds scorched by heat, and windows obscured.
  • Cabinets vandalized, tracks included.
  • Insulation and air filters contaminated
  • Plumbing polluted with hazardous substances.
  • Foul odors permeate every room, every surface affected.
  • And various other damages manifest.

At Excel Adjusters, our goal is to assist you in protecting your insurance claim in Victorville and obtaining the maximum settlement you're entitled to.

Get help with your vandalism insurance claim.

Additional Types of Vandalism That Can Occur

Marijuana cultivation operations aren't the only threat to your rental property in Victorville. Damage can also occur from:

  • Meth labs, leading to structural and chemical damage to your residence
  • Graffiti or other markings on exterior walls or interior surfaces
  • Intentional damage to windows, including shattered or cracked panes
  • Forced entry or deliberate harm to doors, such as scratches, dents, or breakage
  • Purposeful destruction of personal belongings, furniture, or property within the premises
  • Vandalism affecting electrical systems, plumbing, heating, or cooling systems maliciously
  • Destruction or defacement of landscaping, gardens, or outdoor structures like sheds or gazebos
  • Arson or the intentional setting of fires causing damage to the home or property
  • And more.
Possible Exclusions On Your Homeowner Policy

Possible Exclusions On Your Homeowner Policy

Some types of vandalism claims may not be covered by a homeowners insurance policy. Here are common exclusions to consider. It's important to carefully review the terms and conditions of your policy to determine what vandalism-related damages are covered and which are excluded, as policies can differ significantly between insurers.

  • Vandalism to properties that have been vacant for a specified period, usually 30 or more consecutive days
  • Damage resulting from the gradual deterioration of the property over time
  • Neglect of maintenance leading to issues with the rental property
  • Intentional damage caused by the policyholder or residents of the home
  • And additional exclusions.

Our team can in Victorville aid you in understanding what is and isn't covered by your existing homeowner policy.

How We Can Help

Our utmost priority is to ensure that the insurance company fulfills its obligation to adequately compensate for the damage inflicted on your rental property. We follow several essential steps to have your home inspected and evaluated for overall damage, along with any repair recommendations.

From identifying items requiring replacement or cleaning and deodorization to offering technical suggestions such as inspecting air filters and ducts, we take a comprehensive top-to-bottom approach, starting from the attic down. When your property is targeted by vandalism from a marijuana grow operation or other sources, we enlist independent, reputable, and experienced contractors to restore your home to its pre-damaged condition. This includes:

How We Can Help
Lead and Asbestos Testing

Lead and Asbestos Testing

The initial action is to test the property for lead and asbestos. Any property testing positive for these substances must undergo treatment under Procedure 5 as outlined by E.P.A. guidelines. This mandates the involvement of a licensed abatement company, responsible for handling the affected materials, removing them from the home, and conducting clearance testing before mitigation can commence.

THC Hygienist Testing

THC Hygienist Testing

A THC Hygienist will analyze the extent of contamination inside the home and provide a detailed plan outlining the necessary scope of work for mitigation. This serves as a roadmap for the subsequent repair steps for your property.

THC Mitigation

THC Mitigation

Following the evaluation findings by the THC Hygienist, we will enlist the services of an independent THC mitigation entity to return your home to its original state prior to its utilization as a marijuana cultivation facility.

In this phase, any non-restorable materials will be removed from your dwelling. The THC mitigation team will salvage any recoverable items, conduct material grinding, decontaminate and deodorize the residence, and restore the property according to your preferences. Once the mitigation process is concluded, third-party clearance testing is required. Upon receiving clearance, reconstruction can begin.

Water Damage and Mold Remediation

When your rental property in Victorville is utilized for marijuana growing, it's almost certain that significant amounts of water were utilized in improper locations to support plant growth.

An independent restoration contractor is tasked with identifying and eliminating mold, locating sources of moisture and leaks, drying excess moisture, and eradicating all signs of water damage to prevent further harm to your property.

Sometimes, an environmental contractor may be necessary to take a mold sample. This occurs when mold is present but no water issues are apparent. After mold removal, the mitigation company can begin grinding structural materials and decontaminating the air.

Clearance Testing for Air Quality

Once mold assessment and remediation are completed, it's crucial to assess the air quality to confirm its compliance with health standards. This evaluation is usually conducted by the same environmental company responsible for lead and asbestos testing.


Your public adjuster in Victorville will arrange for a third-party estimator to visit the site and offer an objective review of the damages. This process serves as a safeguard to ensure the fair resolution of your claim.

Fulfilling your Claim

After evaluating your residence for hazardous chemicals and air purity, followed by the elimination of compromised possessions and the onset of reconstruction, a public adjuster engages in dialogue with your insurance company to facilitate claim processing. A formal report encompassing recommendations, test results, and replacement requisites is subsequently dispatched to your insurer.

Get Help With Your Vandalism Claim

Why You Should Hire Excel Adjusters for Your Vandalism Insurance Claim

1. We Work For You

Your interests as the policyholder are our sole focus, and we are independent of the insurance company. Our goal is to facilitate the efficient processing of your claim and to secure the maximum compensation you deserve.

2. We Know State Insurance Laws

The complexity of claim negotiation laws can pose challenges, especially given the differing regulations across states. Rest assured, our Victorville team's local expertise allows us to navigate your state's laws effectively, ensuring you receive the maximum payout for your insurance claim.

3. We Handle All Communication with the Insurance Company

As your public adjuster, we are authorized with Power of Attorney in your claim, enabling us to represent you in all communications with your insurance provider. This ensures that your insurer is obligated to communicate directly with us, alleviating you from the stress of dealing with them. With this support, you can focus on moving forward with your life while we handle all the paperwork and administrative responsibilities on your behalf.

4. You’re Protected

Our pledge is to advocate for the insurance company's timely payment to you once your claim is approved. Moreover, we are dedicated to ensuring that you are shielded from any potential exploitation during the claims process, given your limited understanding of the field.

5. We Ensure There Is No Hidden Damage

Damage to your residential or commercial property can often escape notice by those without specialized training. This oversight may result in more extensive damage than initially apparent. By retaining us as your public adjuster, we are equipped to enlist skilled inspectors who can thoroughly evaluate all potential damage, thus optimizing your insurance claim.

How Hiring a Public Adjuster Works

Upon contacting us for assistance with your vandalism claim, we undertake the following actions:

  • Champion a just, definitive, and fair settlement for the policyholder.
  • Conduct a meticulous assessment of the damage to your building.
  • Recommend licensed and impartial service providers for necessary repairs.
  • Review your insurance policy coverages and elucidate the water damage restoration process.
  • Aid in understanding your compliance duties.
  • Thoroughly investigate and quantify the extent of the loss.
  • Determine replacement costs and/or depreciation factors.
  • Organize claims pertaining to business equipment.
  • Collect relevant data to substantiate loss of income claims.
  • Evaluate the presence of microbial contamination, such as mold, where applicable.
  • Assist in compiling documentation for advance payment requests.
  • Scrutinize total loss claims and insurance estimates diligently.

Get Help From The Experts With Your Vandalism Claim

At Excel Adjusters, we're dedicated to serving you. Specializing in residential and commercial property losses caused by vandalism, water damage, fires, wildfires, earthquakes, floods, and theft, we've successfully managed over 2,000 property claims. Our highly skilled team meticulously identifies, quantifies, and communicates the full extent of your loss to your insurance provider. We alleviate the burdens and complexities of claims handling, offering support in English, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese throughout the entire process.

When it comes to vandalism claims, we prioritize transparency by partnering with independent and experienced third parties for testing, mitigation, and remediation. For THC mitigation and water and mold remediation, we collaborate with Restoration Unlimited, an esteemed independent contractor.

Navigating your marijuana insurance claim or any vandalism-related claim independently can be overwhelming. Let us support you in communicating with your insurance company, simplifying the process so you can efficiently address property damages and resume normal operations.

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