Benefits of Working With a Public Adjuster

  • Potentially maximize your insurance claim payouts
  • Receive help with the entire claims process
  • Have someone advocating for you for a fair and just settlement
  • Experience an expedited claims process so that you can move on with your life
  • Receive a thorough assessment of damages
  • Trust that you have received the benefits you were entitled to receiving
  • Experience less stress during the claims process

Which Types of Insurance Claims Can Public Adjusters Help With?

A public adjuster can help with a large variety of insurance claims related to your home, business, or commercial property. This can include damage caused by:

  • Earthquakes
  • Water
  • Wildfire
  • Fire
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Marijuana

Is a Public Adjuster the Same as an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

No. You might hear the term insurance claims adjuster or independent claims adjuster and assume it’s the same as a public adjuster, but these are not the same thing. 

Insurance claims adjusters (also known as an insurance adjuster) are staffed by your insurance company and therefore, represent the interests of your insurance company. Independent claims adjusters (also known as independent adjusters) are not independent and are instead hired as a third party by your insurance company. Just like an insurance claims adjuster, they ultimately represent the interests of your insurance company. 

A public adjuster is the only person who is completely independent of the insurance company and is representing you and your needs. 

Is a Public Adjuster the Same as an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

What Happens After Hiring a Public Adjuster?

Once you hire a public adjuster to assist with your claim, they will do everything they can to negotiate a fair, final, and reasonable insurance settlement for you (the policyholder). They will be there to guide you through the entire claims process, including helping to assess any damage to the building, providing licensed and unbiased vendors for any work that is needed, reviewing your insurance policy coverages, evaluating your compliance responsibilities, investigating the extent of loss and damages, evaluating repair/replacement costs or depreciation, assembling business equipment claims, evaluating whether any mold has developed as a result of damages, and assessing total loss claims. 

Most public adjusters will also prepare any documentation you might need for an advance payment request and assemble support data for a loss of income claim (if applicable).

How Are Public Adjusters Compensated?

Public adjusters receive a small fee based on the settlement amount that you receive from your insurance policy payout. However, if you do not receive a settlement amount, you will not pay anything. At Excel Adjusters, we do not charge any upfront fees or hidden fees.

Excel Adjusters: The Best Public Adjusters in Southern California

At Excel Adjusters, we work for you. We specialize in residential and commercial property loss for water, fire, wildfire, earthquake, flood, and theft. To this day, we have handled over 2,000 damaged property claims. Our highly trained team of professionals identifies, quantifies, and establishes the full extent of your loss with your insurance company. Our experts relieve you of the intricacies and complex procedures that come with handling claims in English, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese throughout the entire process.


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