Under the regulation of the State Department of Insurance, you have the right to receive a fair adjustment on a claim. The insurance company is obligated to compensate you for your losses. You have no obligation to accept a low-ball offer and/or delays of processing your claim. Excel Adjusters can help protect policyholders and uphold the insurance company’s obligation to make proper payments where liability is reasonably clear.

For the attention and devotion your case deserves, contact us for a free consultation to discuss your particular circumstances.

What do public adjusters do?
What do public adjusters do?

Our highly trained team of professionals identify, quantify, and establish the full extent of your loss with your insurance company. Excel are experts in packaging and presenting the claim to your insurance company with the expertise and advocacy in getting the most out of your claim.
Our experts relieve you of the intricacies and complex procedures that come with handling claims in English, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese throughout the entire process. Excel has a proven past in getting our clients the best settlement for the repair of damages incurred that you are entitled to under your policy.


Residential and Commercial Property Loss for

Wildfire / Fire / Water / Marijuana / Theft & Vandalism / Earthquake

What do public adjusters do?
What do public adjusters do?

Proving your loss is not always easy and can be very challenging. We here at Excel have made it our passion to create a strategic plan to adapt to your particular claim. Our team of professionals will formulate and immediately implement a plan for recovery. We work closely with you, the insured, to understand your ultimate goal and to expedite your immediate needs.

Excel will

  • Assess Building Damage

  • Provide Damage Rebuild Services

  • Review Insurance Policy Coverage & the Water Damage Rebuild Process

  • Evaluate Clients Compliance Responsibilities

  • Investigate and Measure the Extent of the Loss

  • Evaluate Replacement Cost and/or Depreciation

  • Assemble Business Equipment Claim

  • Assemble Support Data for Loss of Income Claim

  • Prepare Documentation for Advance Payment Request

  • Evaluate Microbial Contamination (mold)

  • Assess Total Loss Claims and Review Insurance Estimates

  • Expedite the Claim Process

  • Negotiate Final Recovery to the Insured’s Satisfaction


Proving your loss is not always easy and can be very challenging. We here at Excel Adjusters charge a small percentage based on what we settled for our policyholders. If there is no recovery amount on your claim, then we do not charge any expenses or fees. We also offer free consultations and guidance to your claim.

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