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In the wake of a devastating wildfire, it can be difficult to identify all the damage to your property and file an effective insurance claim. After all, emotions are likely running high, and wildfire damage can cause visible and unseen issues from smoke, soot, ash, and even water.

You need a public adjuster, whether you have smoke damage, total fire loss, or partial fire loss. These professionals are experts in wildfire insurance claims and have extensive experience representing property owners and renters just like you.

Excel Adjusters is a public adjusting company that has successfully settled over 2,200 Property Damage Claims Since 1997. With over 24 Years in Handling Property Claims, we will know the ins and outs of your insurance policy. We lift the burdens of dealing with wildfire insurance claims, representing both homeowners & business owners to provide a maximum settlement.

Wildfire Damage and Insurance Challenges

Fire behavior is complex, leading to damage that goes beyond what you can see with the naked eye. This includes:

  • Full or partial burn to your home or property: Partial and substantial burns can cause structural damage and compromise the integrity of the affected property.
  • Smoke damage: Smoke damage is insidious and pervasive, infiltrating buildings and leaving behind odors, staining, and potential health hazards.
  • Water damage: Wildfires can damage pipes and wells, resulting in potentially contaminated water damage.
  • Wind damage: On top of enhancing smoke infiltration, powerful winds associated with wildfires can also lead to fallen trees, debris impact, structural issues, and more.

Because each wildland fire has the potential to cause so much damage, it’s crucial to understand your insurance company policies. Every insurance policy will have different coverage nuances and intricate coverage details regarding large fires, making it difficult to tell what you can claim.

Wildfire Damage and Insurance Challenges

Understanding Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Wildfire Damage

Coverage A: Main Home or Dwelling

This portion of your policy covers all damage to your home, including losses beneath the main floor. The specified amount represents the maximum entitlement in the event of a total loss due to fire.

Coverage B: Additional Structures

Coverage of all other structures located in the surrounding areas of the main home or dwelling, including: buildings in the direct vicinity, fencing, landscaping, concrete driveways, pool, pool decks, assorted walkways, and more.

Coverage C: Personal Belongings

Coverage of any damage to or loss of your personal belongings, including contents owned or used by your family that were inside the home at the time of the fire.

Coverage D: Living Costs

Helps reimburse any living expenses incurred due to an inability to live within the property as a result of damage or loss. Coverage will vary based on the policy limits.

How Excel Adjusters Can Help

When you’ve experienced wildfire damage, you need a public adjuster to ensure the best possible compensation on your insurance claim. At Excel Adjusters, our licensed public adjusters manage the entire process for you. We’re expert advocates for property owners, stepping in to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. We’ll work tirelessly to secure an fair and just settlement for wildfire damage.

Why Us - Our Services

Why Us - Our Services
  • Providing Loss Assessments Experts as Needed
  • We’re well-connected with professional third-party Hygienists and other experts you’ll need to bolster your insurance claim. Bringing in independent experts is crucial during the process, as the samples they take, evidence they gather, and analysis they make will ne neutral, rather than in favor of the insurance company.

    With the help of these experts, we will accurately determine the extent of the damages your property.

  • Documenting Visible and Unseen Damage
  • After an In-depth evaluation of the property, we’ll thoroughly document the extent of wildfire damage to support insurance claims. This includes unseen damage, as we’ll utilize the right exerts to identify the problems you or your insurance company might miss.

  • Claims Strategy Development
  • We study your personal insurance fire policies to develop the best possible claims strategy. This comprehensive understanding of how your insurance policy tackles wildfire risk and damage allows us to maximize insurance claims based on policy and property specifics.

  • Providing Full Proof of Loss
  • All of our extensive documentation of the evidence and policy knowledge will allow us to provide full proof of loss to your insurance company.

  • Managing Complex Communications
  • We take over all communications between the policyholder and the insurance company until the case is settled, helping to make your experience as stress-free as possible. We’ll also guide you through the entire fire insurance claim process, keeping you up to speed on our progress.

  • Negotiation for The Maximum Settlement
  • We provide unparalleled negotiation with insurance companies to secure fair and just settlements. That’s because use our knowledge to represent you to the fullest extent, achieving the best possible settlements for wildfire damage.

Providing Full Proof of Loss
Why Us - Our Services

Our Step-By-Step Process

  1. Identifying Safety Risks
  2. Understanding Your Insurance Claim
  3. Evaluating & Assessing Damages
  4. Creating a Recovery Plan
  5. Negotiating Your Insurance Claim On Your Behalf
  6. Settling & Maximizing Your Benefit Amount
Step-By-Step Process

Wildfire Insurance Claims FAQ

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What is the first step when filing my wildfire insurance claim?

The first step in filing a wildfire insurance claim is to contact a public adjuster and an independent Hygienist to evaluate your property and document any damages. This gives you the best proof of loss when you go to file your claim. Just remember that time is of the essence, and that damage should be documented ASAP.

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Does insurance cover power surge damage?

If the power surge was the result of a wildfire, and that can be proven with evidence, your homeowners’ insurance may cover the damage.

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How do insurance companies deal with wildfire claims?

The way your insurance company deals with wildfire claims will depend on your specific policy. However, you can expect them to inspect the property before they agree to rebuild or repair your home and remediate smoke damage.

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What is the difference between a fire claims public adjuster and an insurance adjuster?

The main difference between a fire claims public adjuster and an insurance adjuster is whether or not they’re working with your best interests in mind. Insurance companies will appoint an independent adjuster to handle your claim, likely skewing the results in their favor. On the other hand, a public adjuster is someone you hire to work on your behalf

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What is the cost of a public adjuster?

Public adjusters typically charge a certain percentage of the settlement, encouraging them to earn you the best possible results.

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