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Mold is a serious and dangerous threat to your home, commercial property, and your health. The damage caused by mold happens quickly and silently and can end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs if not addressed properly. One of the most common reasons individuals file an insurance claim for their commercial or residential property is because of mold (fungus) damage. But what most people do not realize is that filing a mold claim in Los Angeles with your insurance provider can be very difficult.


What Causes Mold in Commercial and Residential Properties?

There are several causes of mold, which always involves water and moisture. Mold typically begins to grow within 72 hours from the following incidents:

  • Pipe breaks
  • Appliances with a water leak, such as from a sink, bathroom, or refrigerator
  • Roof leaks
  • Damp, humid environments

What Qualifies as a Mold Claim?

In order to file a mold claim in Los Angeles and receive reimbursement from your insurance provider, you must:

  • Currently have water damage coverage on your existing insurance policy, without limitations and exclusions to mold damage
  • Prove that the mold is a direct result of water damage

Some insurance policies will have exclusions to mold damage. For example, an insurance policy might state that mold (fungus) is not covered at all. Alternatively, the policy might limit the amount of mold coverage that will be reimbursed. These types of limitations and exclusions often lead to individuals only receiving partial coverage for their claim – The water damage might be fully covered, but not the mold damage. At Excel Adjusters, we are highly familiar with mold claims and California law, helping you get the most reimbursement possible for your claim.

What if I Can’t Live at Home During the Mold Rebuild Process?

This is a major concern for almost all homeowners who experience mold damage, especially due to the issues mold can cause to your health. If you cannot live in your home while repairs are being done, some living expenses might be covered under your insurance policy during that time where your home is uninhabitable. This can include things such as meals, laundry, transportation, and pet boarding.
In order to increase your likelihood of having your living expenses covered, you’ll want to:

  • Determine what your Additional Living Expense (ALE) and Loss of Use Coverage is and how much is covered by your policy. You can find this information on your policy’s declarations page.
  • Provide your insurance company with a legitimate reason why you cannot live in your home or use your kitchen. For example, if you cannot sleep in your home because your bedroom has extensive mold damage, your insurance provider might cover your stay at a hotel or other residence.
  • Save all your receipts for expenses that are a direct result of the mold damage. This can include things such as meals and other living accommodations. It does not include alcoholic drinks.

What To Do If You Experience Mold In Your Home Or Business

Collect Evidence of Your Mold and Water Damage

Everything must be documented when there is mold due to water damage. Take photos and videos of the mold no matter where it is located. This is often in places that are hidden, such as under carpet and behind drywall. If you find broken pipes, garbage disposals, filtration systems, washing machines, water heaters, or any other devices in your home or building, make sure to hang on to them. Everything can count towards evidence of damage from the mold. Having this type of evidence throughout the claims process will help ensure there are no coverage suspicions from your insurance company.
Because mold damage is associated with water damage, it is highly important to receive a plumber’s report in determining coverage. By hiring a licensed plumber as soon as you notice the mold growth (and water damage), they can determine a timeline of how long the mold has been growing and it’s location. Insurance companies will not cover any long-term water leaks (leaks that have lasted for more than 14 days). So it is crucial that you bring in a plumber quickly so that they can provide accurate evidence to support your claim.

Contact a Licensed Public Adjuster

Mold claims in Los Angeles can be incredibly difficult to file and to understand. Additionally, insurance providers regularly try not to pay for costly damages – As mentioned before, some insurance policies will have exclusions to mold (fungus) damage or try to limit the amount of mold coverage that will be reimbursed. These types of limitations and exclusions often lead to individuals only receiving partial coverage for their claims.
The earlier in the process you contact an independent public adjuster, the more we can help you. When you file your mold claim in Los Angeles, your insurance provider will visit your home or send an expert to inspect. The purpose of their visit is to find out first-hand what the cause of the mold was, how it happened, and what they think needs to be repaired or replaced. Also known as “field scoping,” this process is done in order to prepare an estimated cost of repairs to your insurance company.
These third-party experts who perform the field scoping are commonly contacts of your insurance company. This means they are not on your side to defend you, but instead are supporting the insurance company.
Our goal at Excel Adjusters is to make sure you receive a fair payout from the mold damage done to your home or business. We represent you, the policyholder.

How Excel Adjusters Can Help With Your Mold Claim

At Excel Adjusters, we will accompany the field insurance adjuster during the field scoping process. We will help you negotiate a fair payout for your water damage and mold claim. We are fully independent and able to prioritize your needs – We are not provided by the insurance company. Our goal is to make sure your rights are upheld during the mold claim process and maximize your payout.
We’ll help to:

Notify Your Insurance Provider

Whichever step of the claims process you are at, it helps tremendously to have a public adjuster speak with your insurance provider on your behalf. You might be wondering, why do I need a public adjuster when I can get my own repair estimates and talk with the insurance company myself? While it’s true that you can go through the claims process alone, dealing with water and flood claims requires in-depth knowledge of insurance policies and home repair. It is almost like speaking a different language. Most homeowners have never filed a water damage or flood claim before or spent any time understanding the intricacies of such claims. It’s also easy to become emotionally involved, since your valuables and livelihood are at stake.

Maximize Your Payouts

As your public adjuster, we do our best to maximize payouts for insurance water damage and flood claims. We know how to speak to insurance carriers to do everything in our power to get you the money you need for your repairs.
Additionally, did you know that most contractors and floor experts are not licensed by the Department of Insurance and are not legally allowed to represent you on your water damage public claim? However as a public adjuster, we are licensed by the state and can provide legal representation for you throughout the water damage and flood claims process.

Guide You Through the Water Damage and Flood Claim Process

As your public adjuster, we will be there during the entire claims process to guide and advise you and negotiate payouts with your insurance company. We’ll also manage and submit any necessary paperwork. We only charge a small percentage based on what we settle for with your insurance. There are no upfront costs for you, making it affordable to get help when you need it.

Assist with Every Stage of Your Water Damage and Mold Claim

Whether you’re at the beginning of filing a water or flood damage claim in Los Angeles, or several weeks into the process, we can help.

  • If your insurance company is refusing to cover ALE or Loss of Use expenses, we can work with your insurance company in an attempt to get you reimbursed for any living costs you incurred in your temporary home.
  • Sometimes insurance companies will try to cut corners in your repairs by doing a poor repair job to your floors, hiring cheap damage rebuild companies, and failing to remove cabinets for drying when the drywall has been damaged. If you are not happy with the repair of your hardwood floors, we can help negotiate with your insurance company in order to get the “like-for-like” standard outlined in your policy. Also known as the “like kind and quality,” if your insurance policy includes these terms, you are entitled to receive a payout from your insurance company that covers the entire cost to replace items of the same quality as what you previously owned. Again, some insurance policies cover replacement costs, while others do not, so each situation is unique to your specific policy.
  • If your insurance claim has been denied, we can speak with your insurance company and provide evidence and reasoning as to why your water or flood damage claim should be covered by your carrier.

Excel Will:

  • Assess Building Damage
  • Provide Damage Rebuild Services
  • Review Insurance Policy Coverage & the Water Damage Rebuild Process
  • Evaluate Clients Compliance Responsibilities
  • Investigate and Measure the Extent of the Loss
  • Evaluate Replacement Cost and/or Depreciation
  • Assemble Business Equipment Claim
  • Assemble Support Data for Loss of Income Claim
  • Prepare Documentation for Advance Payment Request
  • Evaluate Microbial Contamination (mold/fungus)
  • Assess Total Loss Claims and Review Insurance Estimates
  • Expedite the Claim Process
  • Negotiate Final Recovery to the Insured’s Satisfaction

What We Charge

Proving your loss is not always easy and can be very challenging. At Excel Adjusters we charge a small percentage based on what we settled for our policyholders. If there is no recovery amount on your claim, then we do not charge any expenses or fees. We also offer free consultations and guidance to your claim.

Your Rights

If you’ve experienced water or mold damage and need to file a water or mold claim in Los Angeles, we can help.
Under the regulation of the State Department of Insurance, you have the right to receive a fair adjustment on a claim. The insurance company is obligated to compensate you for your losses. You have no obligation to accept a low-ball offer and/or delays in processing your mold claim. Excel Adjusters can help protect policyholders and uphold the insurance company’s obligation to make proper payments where liability is reasonably clear.
For the attention and devotion your case deserves, contact us for a free consultation to discuss your particular mold claim Los Angeles circumstances.

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