What is Leak Detection?

When you experience a water leak, it can be highly stressful and overwhelming. It’s critical to act fast to limit the amount of damage possible. That is where our expert leak detection services can help – Our specialists will find the source of the leak quickly and resolve the problem to limit the amount of damage caused.

Leaks commonly occur in:

  •  Plumbing (including within the basement, inside walls and floors, and slabs beneath your home or commercial building)
  •  Service lines from your pump or meter
  •  Hydronic lines for heating and cooling

Do You Have a Leak?

The following are common signs to look for if you suspect you need leak detection services:

  •  Consistent dripping sound
  • Sound of running water
  • Mildew
  •  Sudden increase in your water bill
  • Visible signs of water damage, including on floors and walls
  • Changes in the water meter even when water has not been used

Prompt leak detection repair is important because when leaks go untreated, they can cause significant structural damage leading to overwhelming costs (in addition to major health issues as a result of mold).

How Does Leak Detection Work?

As soon as you suspect a water leak, contact Excel Adjusters. Our leak detection repair specialists will immediately come to your home or building and work quickly to locate the source of the water leak and perform repairs.

Following the inspection and repair, you will be provided with a detailed report for your insurance claim. From there, we will speak with your insurance provider on your behalf to expedite the claims process and negotiate the best possible reimbursement for any damages caused.

How Accurate is Leak Detection?

Our lead detection experts use advanced technology to detect any water leaks and potential damage making it extremely accurate. They thoroughly check all potential areas for the leak to ensure the water leak is not only resolved but that any potential future issues are prevented.

How Much Does Leak Detection Cost?

We charge a small percentage based on what we settle for our policyholders. If there is no recovery amount on your claim, then we do not charge any expenses or fees. We also offer free consultations and guidance to your claim.

  • No Charges to Property Owners unless the leak is identified.
  • No upfront payment required by the property owner if the loss is covered by your insurance company.

How Excel Adjusters Can Help With Your Water Leak & Insurance Claim

At Excel Adjusters, we will accompany the leak detection specialist during the field scoping process. We will help you negotiate a fair payout for your leak. We are not provided by the insurance company, making us fully independent and able to prioritize your needs. Our goal is to make sure your rights are upheld during the leak detection process and maximize your payout.

We’ll help to:

Notify Your Insurance Provider

Whichever step of the claims process you are at, it helps tremendously to have a public adjuster speak with your insurance provider on your behalf. You might be wondering, why do I need a public adjuster when I can get my own repair estimates and talk with the insurance company myself? While it’s true that you can go through the claims process alone, dealing with leak claims requires in-depth knowledge of insurance policies and building repair.

Additionally, many people have never filed a claim as a result of leak damage and therefore, do not understand the intricacies of such claims.

Maximize Your Payouts

As your public adjuster, we do our best to maximize payouts for damage caused by leaks. We know how to speak to insurance carriers to do everything in our power to get you the money you need for your repairs.

Additionally, did you know that most contractors and floor experts are not licensed by the Department of Insurance and are not legally allowed to represent you on leak claims? As a public adjuster, we are licensed by the state and are able to provide you with legal representation throughout the claims process.

Excel Adjusters: Your Leak Detection Experts

At Excel Adjusters, we have significant experience dealing with water leaks. Whether they are caused above ground or below ground, our specialists will use advanced technology to quickly locate the source of the leak and put a stop to it. Our leak detection services provide you with a detailed report of the leak that we will file on your behalf with your insurance provider to help you receive the highest possible amount from your claim.

Get Leak Detection Services From The Experts

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