Excel Adjusters are here to help Woolsey Fire Victims with Insurance Claims and any questions they may have

When facing a loss from wildfire, a call to a public adjuster about your Woolsey Fire Insurance Claim can be life-changing.

Wildfire is one of the most devastating disasters a property owner can experience. The prospect of rebuild ing your life after a fire can be overwhelming. What exactly will your insurance policy cover? How long will it take to receive a settlement? Our team of public adjusters is by your side to ease the claims process so you can focus on what matters most – getting your family or business back on track.

Whether you have experienced a total loss, or are suffering from smoke and ash damage, a public adjuster can negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf to save you time and maximize the settlement of your Woolsey Fire insurance claim. We are here as a resource and advocate for any victim of the California wildfires.

What does a Public Adjuster do?

A licensed adjuster is legally allowed to handle insurance claims by the Department of Insurance. Public adjusters often represent homeowners experiencing fire or water damages who are unfamiliar with the claims process. They can also protect property owners from an insurance company attempting to low-ball them on a settlement. As a policyholder, you have the right to be adequately reimbursed for any loss to your property. A public adjuster ensures that the insurance company compensates you fairly for those damages.

A public adjuster’s services include:

• Documenting visible damage

• Assessing unseen damage

• Providing a full proof of loss

• Negotiating your insurance claim on your behalf to maximize your settlement

• Providing Loss Assessments Experts that is needed

• Taking over all communications until the case is settled leaving you, the insured stress free

Property owners should be wary of contractors, or false public adjusters, operating without a license. These contractors often work for the insurance companies and do not have the policy-owners best interest at heart. The best way to confirm whether a public adjuster is a licensed professional is to verify them on the California Department of Insurance website.

Types of Fire Damage Experienced by Property Owners

There are two categories of damage a homeowner can experience after a wildfire.

Total Loss

Total Loss includes situations in which a commercial building or personal property has been completely burned down by fire.

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Smoke and Fire Damage

Properties that remain standing after a fire can have both visible and unseen damages from smoke, soot, and ash. Intense winds often spread wildfire debris, causing severe smoke infiltration of properties that are many miles away from the fire.

Understanding the Coverage of Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

There are several types of coverage listed in your insurance policy. It is important that claimants verify which expenses are typically covered during a loss.

Coverage A

Main Dwelling

Covers damage to the main home or dwelling. Damage to the house includes any loss under the main roofing. The face amount of the policy reflects the maximum you will receive if your home has been completely burned down (total loss).

Coverage B

Other Structures

Covers damage to structures other than the principal dwelling. Other structures include additional buildings, concrete driveways, walkways, pools, pool decks, landscaping, fencing, etc.

Coverage C

Contents or Personal Property

Covers damage to, or loss of personal property. Personal property includes contents and other personal belongings used, owned or worn by you and your family.

Coverage D

Loss of Use or Additional Living Expense

Covers additional living expenses. When the insured can no longer occupy the property, the insurance policy must cover living expenses up to the stated limit for the insured to continue their usual standard of living.

How to Proceed with Your Fire Claim

There are many factors to consider when approaching the insurance claim process. Our public adjusters have gathered some helpful advice to help you get started on your Woolsey fire insurance claim.

Working with a Hygienist

for smoke damage. Certified Industrial Hygienists (“CIH”) test for evidence of smoke, soot, ash, and other contaminants in your home. The hygienists will then write a report of damages for your claim.

There are three types of sampling conducted by hygienists in the home

1. Tape Sampling – Tests for contaminants on any solid interior surface.

2. Vacuum Sampling – Tests for debris penetrating any soft materials such as carpets, furniture, or draperies.

3. Air Sampling – Tests for breathable toxins in the air.

Samples are sent to a lab and tested for toxicity. The hygienist will then write a report based on their opinion of the results for the insurance claim. This report will include recommendations of whether damaged items are cleanable or require replacing.

Why You Should Hire Your Own Hygienist

Insurance companies will often recommend a hygienist from their personal network. These hygienists may be biased or subjective and do not have the homeowner’s best interest in mind. Their loyalty is to the insurance company. For this reason, it is essential that policyholders hire an independent and certified professional to inspect their property.

While many contractors claim to be independent, 9 out of 10 hygienists work directly as vendors with insurance companies. When choosing an expert to inspect your home, first assess their reviews and reputation. Ask the hygienist directly to disclose with whom they are a vendor. They must provide you with a list of all insurance companies they work for in writing.

Free Resources from Excel Adjusters for Fire Victims

Home Inventory Form

When filing an insurance claim, it is necessary to inventory each item in your home. Policyholders should document what articles were in their home, what those items were worth, how old they were, and what was lost or damaged. Excel Adjusters offers a free and easy-to-use online form to streamline your inventory process. By creating a digital spreadsheet of your belongings, you can automatically calculate the value and damage of your items.

California Department of Insurance

Top 10 Tips for Wildfire Claimants

Free Consultations

Our public adjusters are here to provide you with advice and advocacy during your time of hardship. We are happy to offer personal consultations to those affected by the California Wildfires free of charge. It is vital that policyholders understand their rights after a disaster. Feel free to reach out to our team for a no-cost discussion about your Woolsey Fire insurance claim.

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